21st Regiment Royal Marine Corp
Twenty First


Johnny Coaleaston

Current Commander:

Major Richard Venables


"On Land, On Sea"

Base of Operations:

Port Royal, Jamaica

Current Duties:

Garrison of Port Royal

The 21st Regiment of Royal Marines is a line infantry regiment in the Royal British Marines, mustered in Dorchester, England, on January 3, 1745 and commanded by Major Richard Venables as acting commander. The First Battalion are currently detailed on garrison duty in Port Royal, under Major Richard Venables. The Second Battalion is in holding currently.

Battle Records Edit

  • Skirmish in King's Run 1749


Current Service PersonnelEdit

Regimental Staff Officers

  • Major Richard Venables ~ Acting Commander, Commander of the 1st Battalion, 21st Regiment

First CompanyEdit

  • Captain ~ Open
  • Lieutenant ~ Open
  • Sergeant James Wentworth ~ Enlisted Sergeant.
  • Private Jamel ~ Enlisted Soldier (Ex Slave)
  • Private Ichabod - Enlisted Soldier


Royal Marines March

Royal Marines March

Bridge on the River Kwai - March

Bridge on the River Kwai - March