• November 20th 1749
  • Colonel Marcus Ironskull
  • Main Guild: TBA
  • 200+ men


This unit serves as the main fighting force for the guild (Insert Here) Under command of the Regiment's Colonel Marcus Ironskull under command of Paymaster Kwagar Ocata



None Recorded


Biographies of Commanders and People

Marcus IronskullEdit

Marcus is a highly skilled officer and loyal to the cause of the British army. A skilled marksman and has one a total of 23 duels. Marcus found his beginnings as enlisting in the army at 18 after he got out of the orphanage he joined as a Simple infantryman and was incredible at shooting. After a couple years of combat and 1 war he was recommended by his officers to the Royal Naval Academy and got trained in sniping and medical skills he got 2 PHD's and was excelled at sniping. he returned to the Army and another war broke out and he was given the rank of Sergeant.


Units are broken down into 10 men per unit and the commanding unit is the Brigadiers

First UnitEdit

  • Captain Bartholomew Swordfury

Second UnitEdit

  • Lt. Ryan Warhawk

Third UnitEdit

Brigadiers Fourth UnitEdit

  • Colonel Marcus Ironskull

Fifth UnitEdit

Medical OperationsEdit

When the Regiment opened up Marcus realized how much medical skills mattered in the field his goal was to build a medical operations that was efficient in getting men off the battlefield

  • Director of Medical Operations- Marcus Ironskull


The Regiment Spy Ring


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