"The Swifts"Edit


74th Highland Regiment "The Swifts"

Commanding Officers:

Colonel Richard Venables

Major Richard Luther

Captain Marcus Ironskull

Captain Bartholomew Swordfury


The Thieves Guild

His Majesty's Rogues

The Jammy Buggers

Those flee-ridden mongrels

The Scruffiest men in the EITC

The Swifts

Current Strength



For Scotland! For the King!

Original Strength

2 Officers


10 Regulars

The Swifts are a company of troops of the British Army, formerly of the 74th Regiment of Foot. They are under the command of Colonel Richard Venables and Major Richard Luther. They have a long, illustrious history of warfare first serving with the British Co. Elites and EITC Third Division and now serving alone in the depths of the jungles of Port Royal after their refounding in 1748. 

They are tough and harden veterans, though many are now dead or gone and the squad which was once a full regiment has dwindled down to a squad/platoon of rough veterans. It has now been reformed with the return of the undead threat to the Caribbean.

Their nickname "The Swifts" comes from their reputation as the fastest and most cunning squad in the EITC Third Division though they brag that they are the fastest in the entire British Empire, they are mostly rogues, thieves and even former pirates who serve Britain as a way to make ends meet and legitimise their 'enterprises' as well as sheer loyalty to the senior officers, who have done one thing or another to earn their loyalty.

Venables and his soldiers somehow proved themselves as less-than-loyal to the EITC's dictator. In response, the EITC intentionally sent the soldiers to defend Fort Bleaktown against the seemingly-infinite legions of Jolly Roger's Undead Army, hoping to silence them by stationing them in such a remote area and possibly getting the company killed by the aforementioned Undead.



  • Colonel Richard Venables - Regiment leader
  • Major Richard Luther -  Regiment second in command, OC the rifles
  • Major John Collingwood - third in command, first company OC
  • Captain Marcus Venables -  fourth in command, OC first platoon
  • Captain Bartholomew Swordfury - OC Second Platoon

First PlatoonEdit

1st SquadEdit

  • Lieutenant Elizabeth Venables-Morgan - squad NCO
  • Private Adelina Goldtimbers

2nd SquadEdit

  • Lieutenant Ellison Pitcairn

3rd SquadEdit

4th SquadEdit

Second PlatoonEdit

1st SquadEdit

2nd SquadEdit

3rd SquadEdit

4th SquadEdit

Former Members (The Honour Roll)Edit

  • Lieutenant William Seasteel
  • Sergeant James Swordmenace
  • Private Theodore Plunderhound
  • Private Leon Seapaine
  • Private Matthew
  • Private Jeremiah McMorrigan
  • Private Jeffery Ironbones

Pictures of the SquadEdit