74th Royal Highland Regiment

Commanding Officer:

Colonel Sir Richard Venables

Second in Command:

Major Sir Richard Luther

Other Staff Officers:

Major John Collingwood

Captain Marcus Ironskull

Captain Bartholomew Swordfury

Regimental Motto:

"With God's grace we serve"

Regimental Honours:

Invasion of Ireland

Battle of Bern

Battle of Koniz

Siege of Koniz

Assault of Kiev


King George II

Great Britain

His Majesty's Armed Forces

East India Trading Company (Formerly)

Base of Operations:



Invasion of IrelandEdit

The 74th where one of the four British Regiments that where posted at Fort Essence during the invasion, under the command of Venables they charged into the enemy ranks and held the enemy so that the remaining British forces could retreat from the advancing Spanish.

Posting in SwitzerlandEdit

The 74th was posted in Switzerland in 1745 just before the Swiss-Romanian Conflict as an honour guard to Major General Richard Venables the Duke of Jura and British Representative to Switzerland, After the Swiss Romanian Conflict they were disbanded but stayed in Switzerland with their brave commanding officer who made them into the 76th Royal Highland Mercenary Regiment, they were hired by Swiss Field Marshal Blau Wolff XIII to serve in his personal army in 1746.

EITC Third DivisionEdit

The 74th is currently posted in the EITC Third Division, under Major General Venables, they are currently stationed in Kingshead, the guild was deleted recently.

Further posting in SwitzerlandEdit

In light of the events of the Second Saranu War and the Swiss Civil War, the 74th were posted to Switzerland to aide the Swiss Loyalist Army.

With the castle of Koniz surrounded, the 74th Royal Highlanders under the command of Sir Venables charged the enemy, crying fowl murder at the enemy. With the Sarunu's advanced weaponry the Highlander's were cut down including Venables who appeared to be dead to all the world. 5000 Highlanders charge down the mountain, only 400 return alive.

The last 400 men of the 74th along with the 76th made a ragged retreat from Koniz to the Ruhestatte Schloss and began to fortify the palace against incursion from Sarunu attack. They barely made it out with 200 men. Covering the retreat of the rest of the Koniz population. Many were cut down in the throne room as they struggled to get through the ancient tunnels to safety. Those who survived, escaped carrying their wounded commander on the battered colours of the Regiment to safety.

In the Siege of Koniz, the surviving members of the 74th had their bitter revenge upon the Saranu, charging head long into the hardest breech in the walls of Koniz. Nothing could stop their fury, they pushed on until reaching the throne room and successfully ousting the rebels and Saranu from Koniz.

Return to the CaribbeanEdit

They have recently been sent out to the Caribbean and posted at Kingshead on garrison duty.

Current MembersEdit

Images of the RegimentEdit


These uniforms are to be worn by ALL members of the 74th Regiment, including Officers and Troops alike.

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