Aslaug Decksteel
Aslaug Decksteel


Ishmael Decksteel (Husband)

Caterina Decksteel (1st Wife)

Ellaria Decksteel (2nd Wife)

Seppia Decksteel (3rd Wife)


Earl of Nassau

Queen of Sardinia

Duchess of Savoy



Aslaug is the second wife of Ishamel Venables and Caterina Venables and the mother of his younger children. Aslaug has a "gift": like a völva, Aslaug is some form of a seeress who sees the future through visions or prophecies.


Early LifeEdit

First SonEdit

She was given birth to a son and they named him Richard- Snake in the eyes because of his eye due to her father's attack in a battle and the name from Ishmael's Father.


  • Caterina Venables - Since the two got along, everything changed when the both fell in love with Ishmael.

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