Bart's favorite weapon, The Sacred Musket

A Killer for God and CountryEdit

A ruthlessly skilled man of a sinister backstory. He is one of if not the most highly trained individual in hand to hand combat and skilled marksmanship in the service of the crown. 

Bartholomew SwordfuryEdit

Bartholomew Swordfury is a Major in the service of the crown's radically understaffed army.

Bartholomew J. Swordfury

Bartholomew Swordfury


After the loss of his family he relies on his few friends and comraids...

Businessman  Edit

More to be written...

His Blades and Bullets  Edit

Bartholomew makes each and every one of his daggers, pistols, and round shot that he uses from a special material he calls Shadow Steel.

Barts Blade

Bart's favorite sword, Hailstorm, the metal has an ethereal black shadow that follows its Shadow steel-blade.

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