Bart's favorite weapon, The Sacred Musket

A Killer for God and CountryEdit

A ruthlessly skilled man of a religous nature, from rapier to broadsword he mastered them all long ago... not to mention his killer looks.

Bartholomew SwordfuryEdit

Bartholomew Swordfury is now a soldier of England with the finest men available. He stands for honour and loyalty, glory means nothing to him as it is a fool's errand. He always values Honor, Honesty, and most of all, knowing what orders to follow and what orders not to follow.

Bartholomew J. Swordfury

Bartholomew Swordfury


After the loss of his family he relies on his friends and comraids...

Marcus Ironskull~ Damn good friend, my doors are ever open to you brother.

Nathanial Huntington~ Peacemaker, we always got along, you know who to call on if need be.

Richard Venables~ Dick, you may have schemed, you may have lied, I still think you are a damn good man deep down...

Hannah Bluefeather~ Inspirational, on more than one level lass

James Goldtimbers~ The quiet one of the lot, which is saying something, you have my respect mate.

Genevieve~ A truly ladylike badass, you really should go see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, you totally tackle the main my dear...

Giovanni Goldtimbers~ Bloody good leader, to the ends of the earth I will go to follow your lead.

Businessman  Edit

More to be written...

His Blades and Bullets  Edit

Bartholomew makes each and every one of his daggers, pistols, and round shot that he uses from a special material he calls Shadow Steel, no mortal may touch it without a deadly infection and nor can they lift it either, a single dagger weighs about 250 pounds.

Barts Blade

Bart's favorite sword, Hailstorm, the metal has an ethereal black shadow that follows its Shadow steel-blade.

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