The British Member Ranks Directory Updated: 8/29/15Edit

  • John Breasly: The King
  • Johnny Goldtimbers: Prime Minister 
  • James Goldtimbers: Second Sea Lord ~ Admiral (Navy) 
  • Marcus Venables: Captain (Navy)
  • Ishmael Decksteel: Lieutenant Colonel (Army)
  • Simon Pratton: Lieutenant (Navy)
  • Nate Cresbreaker: Head Of The Royal Army 
  • Jason Blademorgan: Major General (Army)
  • Sven Daggersteel: First Lord Of The Admiralty 
  • Maxamillion Beckett: First Sea Lord ~ Fleet Admiral (Navy)
  • Blake Stewart: Third Sea Lord ~ Vice Admiral (Navy)
  • Bartholomew Swordfury: Captain (Army)
  • William Brawlmartin: Captain (Army)

Note: This page is based on in-game ranks and does not include ranks beyond the necessary needs of in-game roleplay.

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