The British Royal Army is the United Kingdom's principal land warfare force led by Master-General Nathaniel Crestbreaker. It is the largest and strongest army in the world, with the next following (Spanish) unable to match the size and prowess of the British Army. The British Royal Army has been a conquering force, a peace-keeping tool, and a brute strength for much of its existence. Always serving the Empire, the British Royal Army has rarely tasted defeat in it's long-lasting life. If you should ever find yourself in a battle with an enemy to the British Empire, you would do best to pray to whatever god you have.

British Royal Army

Full Title

His Majesty's British Royal Army

Master-General of the Ordnance:

The Right Honourable, Earl of Portsmouth

Paymaster of the Forces



King George Great Britain British Empire


Peace Through Strength

Notable Engagements/Wars

Paradoxian War, Post Paradoxian War

Structure Edit

Structure of the British Royal Army.

The following ranks are apart of the British Royal Army. They are listed from the highest rank to the lowest rank. The Master-General of the Ordnance has complete authority over the entirety of the army, if any questions or guidance are needed, please report to them.

  1. Master-General
  2. General
  3. Lieutenant-General
  4. Major-General
  5. Colonel
  6. Major
  7. Captain
  8. Lieutenant
  9. Sergeant
  10. Cadet
  11. Private

HCO's of the Royal Army Edit

  1. Master-General Nathaniel Huntington (Crestbreaker)
  2. General Roger Atkinson (Gunshot), Paymaster of the Forces

Officers of the British Army Edit

Officers of the British Army
Name Rank Regiment
Open General 1st Army Divison
Marcus Charles Livingston Major-General 1st Army Division
Open Major 1st Army Divison
Open Sergeant 1st Army Divison