Captain Davy Locksilver is currently a Pirate in search of a war with the Nation that sought ruin upon his life, Britain. Colonel Jack Stormrage has issued a bounty on Locksilvers head for notably attempting an Assassination on taking the Colonels life, but happened to nearly kill Sergeant Andrew in his place.

Early Life

Little is known of Captain Locksilver's past, only that he enjoyed practicing with his cutlass nearly every day since the age of 10. With hopes of becoming something of great value and interest, he enlisted into the British Royal Navy at the age of 19. Although this taught him many valuable lessons and tactics concerning war and swordplay, he resigned at the age of 24, giving up his rank as Captain of the HMS Monarch, a ship that would soon be passed down to a young Captain Toms of the British Royal Navy.

Life of Piracy

At the age of 30, he married a beautiful young woman named Martha. Together they lived a happy life for the next three years, until Captain Locksilver resorted to Piracy due to the wealth and fame it would grant him and his family. Lockslver fought many battles against various other Pirate guilds, such as the Barbary Corsairs. After nearly years into his life of Piracy, he befriended a man who became one of his most trusted allies, only to be killed by the British in the battle of Tortuga. This angered Davy, and caused him to battle the East India Trading Company in hopes of avenging his comrades death. He was consumed by the lust for vengeance and in return joined Phillipe Clemente in his war against Lord Jonathan Goldtimbers and the East India Trading Company. Phillipe and Davy rarely spoke to each other but battled against the enemy all the same. After months of fighting the British, Davy's war would come to an end at the battle of Kingshead, where he fought and injured Ishmael Venables. Charles, a long-time enemy of Captain Locksilver who personally murdered his ally, escaped from the battle, but later, Davy and Charles came face to face at the docks of Kingshead. With utmost pleasure, Davy raised his pistol and after nearly a second of hesitation, pulled the trigger and shot Charles in his left shoulder, causing him to then get up and make a hasty and unwilling retreat in his light sloop, sailing straight into the mouth of an impending storm approaching Kingshead. Charles, along with his ship and crew, were consumed by the storm's clouds and the ship was out of sight, never to be seen, nor heard from again.

Later Life

Although the Pirates captured Kingshead, it was re-captured once more by the British nearly a month later after the initial battle.

Captain Locskilver's luck ran out, for nearly 3 months after the Battle of Kingshead, the Company had caught up with him and later imprisoned him for crimes committed against the crown and was held at Fort Charles for nearly 3 years. At the age of 52, Lord Jonathan Goltimbers promised to give Davy a full pardon, so long as he Privateers for the East India Trading Company. He was also informed that Charles, as well as his ship had been claimed by the sea during the hurricane, something Locksilver took utmost pleasure in hearing.

After pondering the Lord's deal, Davy agree'd to the terms and was released from prison, given the title of Captain.

Caribbean Sea 1750:

Cannon fire exchanged from vessel to vessel as the British Naval Frigate chased the Pirate vessel across the seven sea's. Harris Dogood, a notable Marine aboard the British Ship, commented on his Captains tactics "Sir! We need to push our sails to their limits or we'll never be able to reach them!" Captain Davy Locksilver turned toward the Marine "Aye, chase her down." Speed picked up on the Frigate, slowly closing in on the Pirate


Locksilver chases the Pirate vessel

Galleon. The Helmsman positioned the ship directly across from the Galleon as Davy unsheathed his cutlass "Pistols and Cutlasses men! Secure the grappling hooks, I want the Captain alive!" Harris handed any man aboard the ship unarmed, a musket containing a bayonet on its end. Both sides clashed, already sustaining many casualties. Davy took out his pistol and shot one of the Pirates dead. As he rested his eyes on the dead body of the pirate, Davy looked as if he were sent into pure shock, having a feeling of sorrow, for this had been his first pirate killed in many years. After talking himself out of his personal depression, the battle had already been won in a matter of minutes. Private Harris Dogood brought a man toward one of the ships Officers, Andrew. Davy slowly walked down toward Andrew, holstering his pistol "Is this the Captain?""

Aye" Andrew replied "He doesn't seem like the happiest of sorts." Davy knelt before the Captain, who's face was covered by an ostrich hat. He slowly removed the hat, looking into the eyes of a familiar face "Captain Leonhard Bosch. Your one of them with the Brethren Court, aren't you?" Leonhard store into the eyes of a known traitor "Locksilver? What the bloody hell are you doing with them? You were one of us!" Davy stood up "Perhaps once, yes. I took everything you and Lawrence taught me and I bettered myself and chose the life of a lawman, rather than an outlaw." Leonhard stood up and attempted to lunge at Davy but was restrained "Your downfall will be the doings of your own!" Davy smiled "Take this one to the front mast, we leave him there until I decide what to do with him" Andrew flipped his pistol and whacked Leonhard in the back of his legs, then adding a suggestion "Perhaps we'll hang him after the Colonels wedding at Kingshead?" two Marines dragged Leonhard to the front mast and began tying him up as Davy spoke "We will do with him what I say. No need for any suggestion." Andrew nodded his head, holstering his pistol "As you wish. But do not let your former life interfere with your current one. He's scum just like the rest of them, nothing less, nothing more." Andrew then walked below deck to tally the losses.

Caribbean Sea 1750:

Night had come swiftly, the sea was still as Davy looked out the window of his cabin, pondering the attack that had taken place in the morning. Davy walked out of his quarters and made his way to the top deck, being greeted and saluted by Harris Dogood "Sir." Davy nodded his head in return before watching Harris make his

way below deck to his hammock. Davy sighed and continued walking toward the now tied up Leonhard Bosch, who had been attempting to wiggle his way out of the ropes, which had done him no good. "You put too much faith in yourself, Locksilver. After all we've been through, after all you've been through, I thought you were a better man than this." Davy retaliated "Better than you. You live the life of an ignorant rogue, as I live under the authority and protection of his Majesty."

"So your the type of man that would prefer to be confined in one room for the remainder of ones life, safe a sober, yet dulled beyond reason, and stripped of all spirit? Its better to be free and to die free... And that will be me in the morn. Have you ever pondered the consequences of your actions, Captain Locksilver?" Davy looked toward Leonhard as he continued, assertive "Or did all those years teach you nothing?" Davy looked down, then back at Leonhard before walking off. The ship was then silent. All except Leonhard, had been sleeping, awaiting the morning to come, when they would arrive back at Kingshead to attend Colonel Jack Stormfury's wedding.

Caribbean Sea 1750:

Morning had come swiftly, the sun rose and the ship was wide awake, all of its crew members in confusion and disarray "Where did he go!?"

"Someone let him loose!" Andrew, along with the entire vessel searched the ship for Leonhard Bosch, who had disappeared through the night. Davy came walking out from his quarters "What is the meaning of this?" Andrew ran up to Locksilver, enraged "Someone let him loose. Theres no other possible explanation!"

"Who could the traitor have been?" Andrew looked at Davy smiling "I'm not quite sure. Perhaps it was our Captain?"

"You wouldn't possibly believe I would have set him free? That would jeopardize everything I had worked on, don't be a mad man."

"Is that so?" Andrew clutched the butt of his pistol which was still holstered in his belt "Land ho!" a man shouted from the crows nest, distracting Davy and Andrew from their quarrel. Kingshead had been sighted and the ship was sailing straight toward its docks "All hands make ready to port!" Davy commanded, walking away from Andrew. As the ship sailed into the harbor, the entire vessel disbanded, making their way to the very top of kinghead, awaiting the night to come for the Colonel to finally be wedded. Captain Locksilver went to visit his Commanding Officer, Marcus Livingston.

Kingshead 1750:

"Ah, Captain Locksilver, enter." Davy noticed Andrew standing beside Marcus who sat near his desk "Sergeant Andrew here tells me that you allowed a Pirate to escape your grasp, is this true?"

"It is Sir. He escaped during the night, i'm afraid there was nothing more I could do."

"His name?" Davy asked curiously "Who's name, Sir?"

Screenshot (112)

Marcus listens to Locksilvers proposal

"The captive."

"Captain Leonhard Bosch." Andrew interrupted " The same Leonhard Bosch who is one of the Pirate Lords within the Brethren Court." Marcus nodded his head "I understand the burden that you carry, Captain Locksilver." Andrew's eyes widened, clearly shocked at Marcus's leniency "Are you to just let him go? No reprimanding, no punishment?"

"Sergeant, I am the Commander here, I decide who is to be punished and who is not." Locksilver expressed his opinion on an important matter "Commander Livignston, if I may be so bold, I wish to contribute my opinion on an important matter."

"Which is?"

"The war on piracy."


"I believe that we should only attack when necessary." he turned to Andrew "I'm sorry Sergeant, but I believe attacking supposed pirate vessels on sight is an order that should not be carried out." Marcus looked at Locksilver curiously "Why do you believe this? Any man who bears a pirate flag or wears a pirate brand should be wiped off the face of the earth without question."

"I can understand that Sir.... But some vessels I've attacked were vessels from other countries."

"Such as?"

"Ottomans, France." Andrew interrupted "We are at war with France at the moment. Have you not heard of Edward Braddock attacking various forts of theirs in the New World?"

"That I have, but France is not our main concern in the Caribbean." Marcus nodded his head in agreement with Locksilver "I will take your suggestion up with the rest of our Officers." Andrew became slowly enraged "Im not sure if the enemy will then think us cowards or fools." Davy disagree'd "But Sergeant, I am concerned for-" Andrew cut Davy short "Your concern is none of our concern." Marcus shouted "Enough! You make it so I cannot think."

"Commander" Davy spoke "Leonhard mentioned to me years ago that all he seeks is peace." Andrew laughed "Are we to take the word of a traitor? These are hard earned criminals , if we just let them pass by we would only be adding to the ranks of our enemies."

Screenshot (111)

Andrew and Marcus fight back and forth

"Sergeant, keep yourself quiet."

"We are yielding to the enemy!"

"We are not yielding to the enemy, I am trying to save the lives of our men!"

"Then kill the enemy! Force them to attack us! Give them cannon and musket full on!" Marcus slammed his hand down on his desk "Enough! Sergeant you will see yourself out!" Andrew gave Davy a devilish look as Marcus shouted once more "Go!" Andrew then walked out of the office, leaving Davy and Marcus alone "Apologies Captain Locksilver he can be a bit....Irrational at times."

"Completely understandable Sir." Marcus ran to his window "Oh.... The wedding is starting, let us move Captain or we'll be late."

"Yes sir."

Kingshead 1750:

"Dearly Beloved we are gathered here today in the sight of god to witness the holy matrimony of these two lovely patrons.” Colonel Jack Stormrage stood beside his lovely fiance, Mercy. The Priest continued “Doth thou Jack Stormrage take Mercy to be thy wedded wife? To love and cherish her for as long as thee shall live?” Jack smiled “I do-” just as Jack was about to finish his sentence, a guard walked in shouting “Captain Davy Locksilver, you are under arrest for crimes committed against the crown.” Jack, annoyed, ordered Davy to be seized and held by both arms. The guard continued “Said Crimes are to be said herewith: Treason against the East India Trading Company, deluding the crown into believing you are a Privateer in employment of England.” Davy attempted to break free of the guards grasp, which did him no justice. Colonel Jack Stormrage removed a branding iron from the smoldering pits of fire in which it rested upon, bearing the letter “P” for “Pirate”. As Jack slowly closed in on Locksilver, he showed little signs of fear. Jack bared an ill look upon his face as he stated “You think you could take away one of the only days of my life that I could finally cherish? Did you think for one moment that a feculent dog such as yourself could possibly evade the mite of the British Empire? You’re a nothing, David, a mere spec of dust that thinks he has some significance in the world.” One of the soldiers ripped Davy’s sleeves from his arms and forcefully held his left arm outward. Jack noticed a familiar symbol “I see you’ve been branded before. Such crimes should be limited in times like these,

but you seem to follow men that would seek to destroy everything we have built. Tell me David, why?”

“Your kind took something from me that you nor they could ever return.” Jack chuckled “Oh? And what’s that?” Davy stood silent. Jack then placed the iron on Davy’s upper left arm for a few seconds, before removing it, permanently branding the letter “P” into Davy’s arm. Jack sighed as he handed the iron to one of his troops “We will continue the wedding without him. Lock him up in the hold, make sure he doesn't escape. Upon my return from France, I will take utmost pleasure in watching him swing from the gallows.” Jack smiled "You're world is going to get a whole lot bigger.... Or whats left of it." Two of the guards then dragged Davy away, up toward the highest reaches of Kingshead’s prisons, where he would await his execution.

After lying on the cold, hard ground for a great many hours, escape became futile. Davy had hoped to escape the prison cells so that he may officially return to his pirating ways, but it was obvious that wasn't going to happen. As hope of escaping slowly drained from his mind, he noticed a guard walked up to his cell, whispering his name. Davy got up and looked at the guard closely and noticed that the guard wasn't a guard at all. It was one of his long time friends, Edward Vulture disguised as one of the Company’s soldiers “I know how to get you out of here.” Edward said with his calm, deep intelligent voice “How’s that? The keys wandered off, back down toward the wedding” Davy replied grimly. Edward then un-holstered his pistol and aimed it at the lock “back” he said, shooting the cells lock off its hinge, allowing the door to open with ease. Davy walked out, thanking Edward, but they both knew that they needed to escape as quickly as possible, for the shot most likely rang through the entire fortress. Davy gathered his pistol and broadsword and headed out of the prison's doors, searching for the quickest way out of the fort. Fortunately, the fortress had not been alerted as of yet.

Edward told Davy that a light sloop was waiting for him off in the distance for when he escaped. They both crept their way down the steps into the lower courtyard, where the wedding was still taking place. Davy cocked his pistol and aimed it at Jack. Edward quickly lowered Davy’s arm, telling him “The time is not right. It’s best we leave while we can. There's no assurance that the bullet would ever hit it’s target." Davy lowered his pistol and followed Edward out of the Fortress, climbing aboard the sloop and sailing as far away from the Fort as possible.

Caribbean Sea 1750:

As the calm waters shifted the ship back and forth, Davy looked at the moon's reflection within the calm waves. Edward stood beside him, looking off into the vast open sea, smiling at the sight of Padres Del Fuego “Who was the Grim fellow?” Edward asked “Who?” Davy responded.

“The man in black marrying the wench.”

"That’s Colonel Jack Stormrage. During my privateering years I learned much of him. He thought little of me but never suspected my treachery as Andrew or Harris might have thought. He makes you believe he is a man of peace and then hangs another man the next hour. ” Edward stood silent as Davy continued “Peace cannot be achieved until war is waged. We can't live under their heel for the remainder of our lives, that’s no way of living.” Edward nodded his head in agreement "Aye...How was it that they discovered your treachery?"

“I haven’t the slightest clue. I told practically no one of my personal endeavors, not even my own first mate.” Edward sighed “What would you propose we do?”

“I know a man from Spain, a high ranked military Commander named Zeke Williams. I spoke to him during my time of privateering of uniting the Pirates and Spain against Britain. Last I heard of him he was arranging a meeting with King Ferdinand for me to speak to of my personal thoughts. Perhaps we’ll start there.” Edward nodded. "Gents! Set sail for Avaricia." Edward then pulled out his pocket watch which reflected in the moonlight, looking at the late hour.

Isle De Avaricia 1750

As the Sloop ported on the docks of Isla De Avaricia, Davy and Edward disbanded from it in search of Zeke Williams. Davy noticed him speaking with one of the Spanish Soldiers close to the armory. He and Edward walked up to him “Prince Ezequiel?” Zeke looked toward the direction of Locksilver, surprised at his presence “Ah, Capitan Locksilver, what brings you here?”

“I seek an audience with King Ferdinand. I have eager news to give him."

“The King is a busy man, Capitan, you do know that?” Davy sighed “This is important.” Zeke replied “Very well, I will see if the King will speak with you, he cannot come.” Zeke pointed to Edward. Davy looked toward Edward, then back at the Prince. “Very well Your Grace, lead the way.” Davy followed Zeke to King Ferdinand's vessel, the Iron Conqueror, in which they boarded. “What is this that you bring me, brother? Is this a new ally?”

“Indeed it is. He wishes to speak with you of a possible alliance, and someting else, I believe.”

“And what is his name?” King Ferdinand asked.

Lesaro helm

Commander Zeke Williams watches as King Ferdinand speaks with Locksilver.

“Capitan Davy Locksilver of the British Empire.” Ferdinand opened his arms “Speak then, Capitan Davy Locksilver.” Davy took a moment to gathered his thoughts then began “Ferdinand, King, Ferdinand. I’ve come to ask the Spanish, to ask you, to join us in fighting a common enemy. An enemy that wishes to destroy our way of living.” Ferdinand interrupted “You are aware that we are allied with Britain? Your words do not make sense Capitan. I believed you to be a man of honor.” Davy sighed “I’m no longer with Britain.” Ferdinand looked surprised “Oh? And why would someone such as yourself choose to abandon their cause?"

“Because I went against them. Did something in an attempt to rid them from the Caribbean.”

“Are you wanted, Capitan?”

“Indeed I am your Majesty.” Davy saw Ferdinand shaking slowly “You come to my island, and my brother, in an attempt to start a war with Britain? You do realize this is treason, and nearly impossible to achieve?” Davy shook his head “I don't believe that’s true, your Majesty. Together, if we unite, the Pirates and Spanish, we can beat them, and set things in the right.”

“I deny any relations with Pirates.” Davy jumped back at Ferdinand “Is this how you want to live? Under their thumb, killing dozens of people a day, simply because they don’t agree with their ways of life?”

Ferdinand took a moment to think, before giving Zeke a command “No quiero que mis autoridades sean rechazadas por un pirata. Ordénelo de mi barco.” The Prince then shouted “Presentar armas!” four guards lowered their muskets at Davy, aiming them at his head. At that very moment Davy drew his pistol on King Ferdinand “It is not wise your Majesty, to threaten me. I did not come here to fight, I came here to ask for your aid.” King Ferdinand repeated once more “I deny any relations with Pirates.” Davy then nodded his head “Then you will allow me to exit this vessel unharmed.” King Ferdinand nodded to his men to lower their guns, an order in which they obeyed. Davy slowly backed up and down the ramp to the Iron Conqueror, walking back with Edward “That went well.” Edward said sarcastically. Davy holstered his pistol “They refuse to aid us. Perhaps Nassau will feel differently. But I hear their Captain, Grim Whal, is not the most reasonable of sorts, but what other choice to we have?”

"None. Apparently we now have our heading." Edward said, giving the Prince a curious look as he and Davy went aboard their sloop.

Kingshead 1750:

“Grandfather, I have news for you.” Jonathan turned toward the mysterious figure whose face was concealed by a shadow “What news have you, Ezequiel?” Zeke revealed himself, dressed in his military clothing “You are aware of Locksilver's betrayal, si?”

“Of course. Sabotaged Colonel Sotmrfury's wedding due to his betrayed if I properly recall. What news have you?” Zeke placed his pistol on the table in front of John “He attempted to start a war between Spain and Britain. My King thought it best to tell you.” Jonathan sighed “First you tell me of Locksilver plotting against the company DURING his Privateer employment, now you tell me he attempts to start a war?”

“I fear so, grandfather.” John stood from his chair and walked toward his balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea “Where do they sail?”

“Last I heard they make sail for Grim Wahls supposed hideout in a light sloop bearing black sails.” Colonel Jack Stormrage then entered the room “Ah Colonel” Jonathan remarked on his Colonel entering his office “My Lord?” He responded curiously. Jonathan walked up toward Colonel Stormrage and placed his hand on his shoulder “I have mission for you.” Jack looked at Lord Jonathan and let out a devilish smile.

Caribbean Sea 1750:

Davy stood at the helm of the light sloop while Edward tended to the sails. As Edward untied one of the riggings, he noticed a Frigate off in the distance “Ship to Starboard!” Davy looked toward his right and noticed a British Naval Frigate sailing closer toward his Sloop “Edward! Prepare to come about!”  Davy turned his wheel toward the direction of Tortuga as Colonel Jack Stormrage overlooked Davy’s vessel with his spyglass “Prepare to fire.” The cannons to Jack’s vessel were placed toward the front end of the ship with a cannon crew standing by them, firing once ordered to. Davy began maneuvering his ship to evade incoming cannonballs “Take cover!” Davy shouted as one of the cannonballs struck the mast of the sloop, leaving an everlasting crack within it. As Davy came nearer to the docks of Tortuga, the main mast tumbled down across into the sea. Left with no choice, Davy and Edward abandoned the Sloop and dove into the sea.

Jack and officers

Colonel Stormrage with his Wife and Andrew watch as Davy and Edward abandon the Sloop.

Together they swam to the shores of Tortuga, where Davy checked his pistol, but unfortunately it wasn't functional due to its powder being wet from the sea. As Davy and Edward watched the Frigate slowly close in on them a voice shouted from a local shack “David! This way!” Edward and Davy got up and ran toward the man who held his door open to them. As the door closed, Davy looked up to see who the man was “Rayne Warhawk?”

“Davy, what are you doing here?” Rayne asked. Davy said, wheezing from being out of breathe “The British, they found out I wasn’t truly a privateer for them. We need to get out of here.” A knock came from the main door to the shack “Open this door in the name of his Majesty” Rayne whispered to Edward and Davy “Hide...I’ll handle this…”

“Rayne you don't need to do this” Warhawk shoved Davy aside “ go down in the cellar, I’ll be fine”. Davy obeyed Raynes command, as did Edward. Once Davy was in the cellar, the door opened. Colonel Jack Stormrage stood in front of it with Andrew, one of his Officers, and nearly a dozen Marines, notably among them, Harris Dogood.

Davy watched as Jack’s boots creaked the wooden floor with every step he took. Surprisingly, Rayne and Jack did not even speak, they only searched the house. After waiting nearly a minute, the cellar door opened. As Davy looked up, he noticed Rayne holding the door, with Jack above him. Jack Sighed, shaking his head “Did you really think you could escape us? Hmm?” Davy then heard a pistol cock from behind him. He looked over his shouler and noticed Edward aiming his pistol directly at his head “Why Edward?”

“Well what could I say mate. I’m a realist.......And they pay.”

“After all those months we spent spying on the British…” Davy smirked “I thought we were friends, Edward.”

“I’ve run in a bit of bad luck with the cards lately mate, awful, bloody awful, I can't go home empty handed again.” Two guards then went down into the cellar and restrained Davy and brought him back up the steps, where he came face to face with Jack Stormrage and Lord Jonathan Goldtimbers. “And so the Pirate has been captured once more. Shame Locksilver, you would have made a perfect addition to my army.” Jonathan remarked. Edward stood beside Jack as he spoke “Take this one back to Fort Charles, hold him there until my return from France, my wife is eager to see Paris for its truly magnificent beauties.” Andrew nodded his head “As you command, Colonel.” Andrew binded Davy’s hands and handed him over to Harris Dogood, who walked him back toward a British Frigate and loaded him in the brig below. Edward followed in their footsteps.

Port Royal, Fort Charles, 1750:

“Move along, Locksilver.” Harris shoved Davy with the butt of his musket to make him walk faster. Davy overlooked Fort Charles and noticed a man of familiarity standing near the hangman's noose, Officer Christopher Rigfury. His scarred eye locked with Davy’s as he spoke “Davy, I see you have returned, and so soon. Thought you would be able to evade us.” Rigfury mocked “Afterall, you are the greatness Captain to ever sail to the seven sea’s.” Harris and Rigury cackled at the joke. Christopher then motioned his hand to hang one of the pirates wrapped around the hangman's noose. The bottom latch opened and the Pirate fell down, his neck not breaking and left to die from suffocation. Rigufury smiled “Ah! His neck did not break!” Davy watched as the pirate squirmed back and forth, his legs shaking from side to side. Soon he came to a complete stop, dying from air loss. “Remove his body!” Rigfury commanded “Is he next?” Harris replied “No. The Colonel wishes to hang him himself upon his return from France.”

“Ah...Very well….You’re time will come, Locksilver” He patted Davy on the shoulder as Harris shoved Davy once more, making their way through Fort Charles toward the holding cell. Upon arriving, Harris unshackled Davy and threw him in the cell, saying “If it were up to be Lockslver, I’d see you swinging at this very moment.” before closing and locking the cell door, leaving Locksilver trapped in the Royal Navy’s most renowned Fortress.

Port Royal, Fort Charles, 1750:

Many hours have passed. Davy was able to find a sharp rock on the ground and attempted to pick the lock. As he wiggled the rock in its hinge, he heard footsteps slowly closing in on him, and removed the rock from the lock and placed it in his pocket. In front of him, revealed Edward Vulture with Davy’s former Privateering first mate, Jack Cannonskull. Davy sighed “What is it that you want?” Edward shook his head “I’m here to get you out of here. Cannonskull here agreed to help.”

“How do you plan this? You can’t shoot the lock this time.” Officer Christopher Rigfury then walked in, pondering why Edward and Jack would be speaking to Davy “What’s the meaning of this Edward? Marcus?” As Edward’s back faced Davy, Locksilver removed Edward’s pistol from its holster and shot Christopher in the chest through the cells bars. His lifeless body toppled down to the ground, looking at Davy

Screenshot (45)

Officer Christopher Rigfury lies dead after the impact of the bullet.

before dying from the bullets impact. Davy reloaded the pistol “Take his keys, and hurry, they most likely heard the shot.” Edward took the keys from Rigfury’s corpse and unlocked the cell door. Davy walked out with his loaded Pistol, asking for his clothes. Edward handed Davy his cutlass and flintlock pistol, as well as his outfit “We got everything Davy. Let's get moving."

Davy fitted himself with his outfit and unsheathed his sword, running out of the fort unnoticed with Jack and Edward. Officer Andrew noticed the band escaping and sounded the alarm. Dozens of guards stormed out of


Edward fighting his way through the streets of Port Royal

Fort Charles in search of Davy, who had been long gone. Davy, Jack, and Edward battled their way through dozens of guards, before hopping board their vessel and making their escape.

The High Sea's 1750:

"So I suspect ya thought ye'd be hangin form the ramparts by now?" Davy sighed at Edwards remark "No, not exactly. They were going to hold me until Colonel Stormrage returned from his voyage from France."

"And do you honestly believe that Andrew was going to allow that?"

"Of course. It was an order given to him by a man of higher rank, of course he would of listened." Edward smiled "You know, your not half bad with a firearm" Davy nodded his head, looking at Edwards curious behavior, acting as if he has something to feel regret over. Soon a soft click was heard from behind him. Davy stood up, looking off in the distance "So this is where you planned to do it?"

"Its a good of place as any"

"At least I can say what this is.... Murder." Davy turned toward Edward "Do you really think that when you pull that trigger and when Jack or any of the crew find me dead-"

"Shut your mouth" Edward said as Davy continued "and do you think they're going to believe whatever story you come with?"

"This isn't going to be easy. But everyone, they'll get over you." Edward aimed his gun at Davy's head before being questioned once more "Why? What do you want? What's in it for you? Why kill me now? I thought we were over the past."

"Do you think for one moment that I actually want something? Do you think that we could all just ride into the sunset like a storybook? You have been nothing but trouble, David, do you not understand that? How hard is it for you comprehend this? I have tried dozens and dozens of times, over and over again to show you the error of your ways and you've taken nothing into consideration! Nothing!"

"Then why help me? Why save me-"

"Oh please, do you think I did that for you? No....Theres much more use of you. Commander Williams wants you dead, promised me good payment for your demise."

"I know you Edward, and you wont be able to live with this."

"Don't tell me what i'll be able to live with, your nothing, you never were." Edward holstered his pistol "come on, draw your gun, shoot me." Davy stood there silent as Edward continued, taking his pistol back out "I'm a better man then you are Davy, that's why i'm doing this. I tried to warn you not the start a war and you don't listen and you just destroy everything!"

Jack then walked up from below deck "What's this?" Davy quickly called him off "Jack, get down below deck." Jack obeyed is Captains commands as Edward continued aiming his weapon. Davy took off his belt containing his pistol and sword "Your going to have to kill an unarmed man" Edward took one step closer toward Davy "Raise your gun!"

"You dont have to do this"

"Raise your gun!" Davy slowly picked up his pistol, holding it by the chamber, the handle facing Edward "We can forget all that has happened here....."

"You'll always be there to start something. Just like you tried to start this damn war!"

"We'll forget about the war......None of this ever happened-" Davy continued "We'll forget all about it. Just live life as we were..." Edward closed in on Davy, grabbing him by the collar, holding him up against the railing "Your words are false"

"They're not, take it, and we'll go back to how things were, forget all this even happened." Davy held the gun in his left hand, slowly moving his right hand behind his back. As Edward grasped the handle of the gun, Davy shoved his right hand forward, sticking a knife in to Edwards neck. As Edward's body flung to the deck, Davy's went with it "Damn you for making me do this Edward! This is you, not me! You did this to us! This is you not me! Not me!" He released the dagger from Edward's neck "Not me!" Edward grasped his neck, looking Davy in the eye, having a look of

Screenshot (63)

Edward Vulture lies dead aboard the Brig

shock and despair as Davy shouted once more, his voice cracking "Not me!" trying to gasp for air, Edward soon took one last breath, sending a wave of silence throughout the ship. He looked up from the body, looking at the reflection of the moon, letting out a shout of anger that echoed through the night.

Jack Cannonskull emerged from below deck "Davy? What....What happened here?"

"Jack.... Just..... It's not what it seems, he..... He tried to kill me....... He spoke of Zeke Williams ordering my death..... I don't know why he would have followed such an order..... Or.....How he even is in contact with him... None of this makes sense." Jack stood beside Davy, bearing down on the lifeless corpse of Edward who had finally been put to rest. Davy felt a feeling of regret, for despite all that had happened, he was still a man he once called friend.

Caribbean Sea 1750:

"Davy.... If this is what war will bring us, I do not want it." He shook his head "No...... This is what war will end..... This is what we fight for, Jack, to end all of this meaningless death. I know you to be more merciful, but that route is long past." Jack sighed "We can always go back on to that route. there's no need for any more death, maybe we can reason with them."

"There is not reasoning with them! Look!" He's point to Edward's corpse "This is their doing! This is what we are fighting against!" Davy took a moment to gather his thoughts and then continued "Jack... They plan on wiping us off the face of the earth. It's already begun, just look around you."

'If you kill you are no better than they are" Davy disagree'd "Jack your a young lad that has yet to realize the world for what it truly is. I understand you wish to find peace in our voyage, but if you continue on your present course, thinking as you do, you'll find your the only one walking it." Jack turned his back, slowly walking away "Then that is good enough for me. Port us at the nearest island, i'm done with this meaningless banter back and forth." he said, making his way back down below deck. Davy peered his eyes to the sky, wondering of the horrors of all those facing the British's ruthless rule.

Fort Charles 1750:

Colonel Jack Stormrage made his way into Fort Charles after a long journey from France, bearing an eager look on his face. He was greeted by Sergeant Andrew of the British Royal Marines "Sir." The Colonel saluted him in return "Ah, Sergeant, how fares the slaves in Georgia?"

"Last I heard of them, one died from smallpox."

"Smallpox you say?"

"Aye... A waste of money in my point of view." Jack shook his head "It's a shame you pay so much for merchandise, yet it wears off in no longer than a three month period." Andrew nodded his head as Jack

continued "Where is Captain Locksilver?" Andrew's face grew dismal "Sir he.... He escaped nearly three days ago." Jack's eyes widened as Andrew continued his plea "He was rescued by Edward Vulture."

"Edward Vulture?" Jack interrupted

"Yes Sir, he um... He rescued him from prison, we found the body of Officer Christopher Rigfury right next to his cell. We tried all we could to apprehend him, but unfortunately the coward ran too quickly." Jack nodded his head, clearly attempting to keep his calm "We have been too lenient with these savages. We cannot let this go unpunished any longer. They have murdered far too many of our men in these past few years, from Locksilver to Grim Wahl, no longer can this go unpunished." Andrew nodded his head in agreement as Private Harris Dogood interrupted the duo "Sir, apologies for interrupting, but we have reports of Edward Vultures body being found off the coast of Port Royal. He rolled up on shore." Jack turned to Andrew "Well? You were able to kill him but unable to kill Locksilver?"

"Sir... I have no idea of what Dogood speaks of, perhaps Locksilver was mad enough to murder the very man who rescued him from the gallows." Jack smiled "Perhaps." he turned to Harris "Thank you private Dogood, that will be all." The Marine saluted and wandered off "The time has come Andrew. It is time to cleanse the islands of all who associate with Pirates, or are deemed one."

"It will be done Sir, you have my word." the two then wandered off, setting their plan in motion. Andrew came across Dogood "Sir, what are you orders?"

"We are to cleanse the Caribbean of all feckless maggots that call themselves Pirates. Search every shop and home within Port Royal, if they are found to be housing Pirates, execute them by my order."

"Yes Sir."

Port Royal 1750:

"Open this door in the name of his majesty!" the man from the opposite side of the door yelled back "This is my home! No matter what you thieves called taxmen say! If you all want in so badly, tell your men in parliament to sail across the sea's and come here themselves!" Andrew shouted "This is not open for discussion! We are searching all residences within Port Royal in hopes of ridding the Caribbean of Piracy. Open this door or these men will break it down!" Andrew found himself dodging a smoldering wave of hot water thrown from the homeowner's pot from the window. Harris shouted "Bollocks! We're coming in!" Harris began smashing the windows to the house, allowing Andrew and his Marines to gain themselves entry. Andrew grabbed the homeowners wife by her arm "It is not wise to oppose us of doing our duties. I'm only doing as i'm told." his wife shouted "Peter, please! Do as they say!"

"I've got this under control, Maria, do not fret!" Andrew took out his pistol and aimed it at Maria's head "what is that I hear?" footsteps were heard from below them. Andrew nodded to Harris to search the residence. After a few brief minutes, Harris came out from the cellar holding a man by the arm. Andrew sighed, shaking his head "You do realize this is treason and cannot go unpunished, otherwise all would be doing the same as you." He released Maria from his grasp and handed her to one of the Marines "Take these three to Fort Charles, hang them and put their bodies on display for all others to see." Maria let out of shriek of terror as Peter remained silent, allowing he and his wife, along with the pirate refugee to be dragged out of their home. As Andrew began to walk out, he stopped dead in his tracks and turned to Harris "Oh, and torch the house. Let all know the punishment of housing pirates." Harris saluted his Sergeant and ordered two Marines to set the house ablaze as a warning to all others.


Peter and Maria stand beside one another moments before being executed for treason.

Tortuga 1750:

As the vibrant beaches of Tortuga were filled with all jolly sorts, dancing and drinking their way through life, dozens of British Soldiers lined themselves up before them all. Their Commanding Officer, Jason Blademorgan, ordered his battalion to take aim. The beach soon grew silent as they all found themselves being aimed at by the very men who they have fought so hard against. Jason then lowered his arm, shouting "Fire!" allowing a barrage of bullets to release themselves from their muskets, striking any who stand in their


Jason Blademorgan's battalion marches to the beaches of Tortuga, prepared to fire when ordered to.

way. Dozens of bodies dropped to the ground, some not dying from the bullets impact. Shrieks of agonizing pain echoed throughout the streets of Tortuga. Jason took out his flintlock and walked up to one of the injured pirates, placing the gun to his head and pulling the trigger, ending the Pirates suffering. The remaining Marines equipped their bayonets and searched the beaches for any who were injured. Jason holstered his pistol, allowing all to bear witness to what he had to say "All men here who call themselves pirates, must now submit to the crown of Great Britain. Whatever you all and going for you, is now going to be put to a indefinite rest. From this very moment, you all serve the Company."

Fort Charles 1750:

"Report, Sergeant?" Andrew stepped forward "Dozens of pirates were murdered on the beaches of Tortuga. The island is now fully under our control."

"Excellent. Place Leftenant Blademorgan in control of the island. I'll personally give it a visit in a few days time."

"Of course sir." Colonel Stormrage halted Andrew before he could leave his office "How fares the search for Locksilver? Any trail found?"

"None, but, we did happen to find a man requesting to meet you personally, claiming to be Locksilvers first mate." Jack Cannonskull stood in the doorway, awaiting to be motioned inward. Andrew ordered Jack to enter the room and stand before the Colonel. Colonel Stormrage smiled "And what is a man such as yourself doing in my presence? I thought we had your kind contained." Jack shook his head "No. My kind? I am nothing like those you call enemy. All I want is peace."

"Peace you say? Well there can be no peace so long as there is a madman such as Locksilver walking about, attempting to start a meaningless war. If you haven't noticed, we have been cleansing the towns of worthless vagrants such as him. Only look to the ramparts of the fortress to prove my words are true." Jack interrupted "Aye...I saw the bodies hanging from your walls, but that is not the peace I am in search of. Stormrage raised an eyebrow as Jack continued "No one else needs to die. All this death is meaningless." Colonel Stormrage thought of a devilish plan "Bring me Locksilver then, and you will have your peace, otherwise you'll have to swing in his place and will remain wanted throughout the Caribbean until such act is carried out, am I understood?" Jack took a moment to ponder his choices, and then gave the Colonel a firm "Yes." Stormrage stood up from his seat, extending his hand outward to Jack "Well then, I look forward to seeing you again....Mr...?"

"Jack Cannonskull."

"Jack Cannonskull..." The Colonel repeated. Jack shook his hand and walked out, leaving Andrew and Stormrage alone in his office. Andrew smirked "And what exactly will happen once Locksilver is brought to us?"

"Peace, Sergeant.....Peace......."

Tortuga 1750:

Tortuga had never been so unified. Guards marched through the streets with bayonets equipped, looking for any outlaws that would dare defy their Empire. Citizens walked with their heads down, fearful of what may happen to them if they ever threw a guard a wrong look. Davy had been called to the Bowdash residence by Jack Cannonskull, saying he had important news to tell him. He maneuvered his way through patrols and made his way to where Jack's supposed location was.

Bowdash Residence 1750:

As Davy walked into the residence, he noticed Jack sitting at the table, clutching his head "Jack?" he was silent until Davy placed his hand on his should "Davy..... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..."

"It's fine Jack...... It's fine... Just tell me what happened" Davy responded, clearly attempting to hold in any anger.

"I... I made a pact with the Colonel in hopes of restoring peace.... He promised that peace would be assured had I brought you to him, but I couldn't....He now told me I have three days left until he'll find me and....And kill me himself... I don't know what else to do...." Davy's eyes widened as he grabbed Jack by the neck, pushing him to the back of the wall and pulling out his pistol, aiming it at his head "You threw in with the very kind we fought so hard against!? Making a pact with men like this, are you mad Jack!? Have you not seen what has happened here, all they have done!?" Jack responded shakily and tearful "Please........Please do it, please! I cant deal with this any longer! I cant stand the thought of whats happening.... Please just end it for me, Davy, please..." Davy slowly calmed down as Jack began to sob and beg once more "Please.... Ill only die in a few days time.... Save me the pain of suffocation... Please pull the trigger... That's all I want..." Davy, feeling remorseful, let go of Jack's neck and holstered his pistol, slowly walking back, placing his left hand on his forehead "We cant go on like this any longer, its going to get people killed it's already... Gotten people killed." Jack stood up, clutching his throat "What do you propose we do?"

"We fight. We end their tyranny once and for all for a greater good."

"I dont believe thats how we can solve this. Maybe it's just Jack or Lord Jonathan, maybe even Andrew.... Maybe we can capture them and hold them..... Maybe....-" Davy cut him off "The time for that is long past." Jack nodded his head "I'll see who will aid us..... I'll try everything I could.... But right now, we cant fight them....We need to learn more" Davy placed his hand on Jack's shoulder "Very well..... Let's get started then."

Cutthroat Isle 1750

Commander Zeke Williams stood atop a mountain overlooking dozens of Spanish soldiers. King Ferdinand Celemente stood behind him, bearing witness to what he was about to say. Williams gathered up his speech and spoke "By authority of the crown, Capitan Davy Locksilver is hereby declared an enemy of the state. I, with utmost pleasure, wish to bring to your attention that he has recently threatened our beloved King, attempted to start a war with Great Britain and have us involved, and sought to turn Spanish soldiers against


Spanish Soldiers listen to their Commandante as he speaks.

their leaders to benefit his own personal endevours. The man is constant in the art of deception and must be handled with utmost caution. From this very moment, we are at war with Capitan Locksilver and all those who support him"

Caribbean Sea 1750:

"That's it there. Kingshead, haven't been here sine they first found out of my betrayal." Davy lowered his spyglass "We're going in." Jack questioned his Captains choice "Davy are you half mad? This is their main stronghold, hundreds of guards must be wandering about..... We cant do this" Davy nodded his head "Your right, we cant." Davy took off his coat and dove into the water. Jack then sighed and followed in his foosteps

Kingshead 1750:

As the duo slowly swam to the docks of Fort Kingshead, they rested below the docks, watching as dozens of footsteps passed above them. After letting the patrol pass, they moved to the top of the dock, where they were greeted by two soldiers "What are you two doing here?" Jack came up with a quick story 'We were shipwrecked... We nearly managed to escape." Davy attempted to hide his face as one of the guards closed in on him "Hey you... I believe I know your face-" before the guard could finish, Davy grabbed the hilt of his sword and unsheathed his cutlass, swinging it in the direction of the soldier, slicing him across the neck. Jack then came up from behind the other guard and whacked him in the back of the head with the back end of his pistol, knocking him unconscious. Jack reprimanded Davy as he suited himself up in the deceased guards uniform "I would have taken him out, there was no need to kill him." He holstered the guards pistol in his belt, completely ignoring Jack "Did you not hear me? I said I had him." Davy got up and handed Jack a flintlock "I heard you... And quite frankly I don't care. It was him or us." Davy dumped the two bodies into the ocean, hiding them from anyone's view.

Screenshot (109)

A disguised Jack stands beside Davy.

"Follow me" Davy commanded as he put his musket to his shoulder and walked calmly through the fortress with Jack to the right of him. They both overlooked the entire Fort's garrison, with dozens of soldiers at it's walls and patrolling through the main courtyard. One of the Fort's Officers halted Davy and Jack in their footsteps "I don't believe I recognize your face?" Davy lowered his tricorn hat, covering part of his face. The Officer then smiled "Ah! New recruits I see." he placed his hand on Jack's shoulder "I welcome you to our ranks." Jack nodded his head as the Officer dismissed them, allowing them to make their way to the top of the fortress, where they would wait silently for their prey.

Kingshead 1750:

After nearly two hours pretending to be guarding the fort's walls, all of the courtyard soon became unified, soldiers lined up shoulder to shoulder. Soon hundreds of soldiers made their way to the courtyard, some even being Spanish. The Spaniards stood on the opposite side of the British, leading them, Commander Zeke Williams. In front of him stood Lord Jonathan, as well as Colonel Jack Stormrage and beside him, Andrew. The Lord spoke "We have gathered you all here today to witness a man of great virtue, moving up within our ranks. We would like to personally thank Sergeant Andrew for his excellent tactics in ridding Piracy from the Caribbean." All of the Officers clapped as Andrew bowed in honor of the courteous gesture. Jonathan pointed to one of the Officers "Sir William Brawlmartin has agree'd to lead an entirely separate group of individuals within the East India Trading Company, something we have not attempted in years due to rigorous attempts of treachery and treason. But we feel that Mr. Brawlmartin will be a perfect fit." William bowed at his Lord, thanking him. Jack then walked up to the crowd of Soldiers, all of them closing their legs inward and placing their muskets up to their shoulders simultaneously. Jonathan stood back, allowing Jack to speak "Gentlemen..... The time has come for what we live for..... Battle. The glory, the honor, and the legend of it. Tonight we move on the enemy. Lord Jonathan Goldtimbers haas declared war on the Notorious Pirate Grim Wahl. Lieutenants, come receive your orders."

Davy shook his head "The madman is going to war himself....."

"Oi! You two!" Davy and Jack turned toward the voice. Behind them, revealed Jason Blademorgan "Get in line! We're moving out!" Jack responded "Yes sir!" They both joined in on a battalion heading straight for the docks. The Soldiers all marched in sync, Officers shouting "Left! Left! Left, Right! Left! Halt!" Dozens of battalions made their way to the docks, where four frigates awaited them. "Rangers! To the first boat! 74th foot to the second! 90th to the third! 52nd to the fourth! 80th foot to the first as well!"

Screenshot (87)

British Soldiers prepare to depart from Kingshead

Davy and Jack turned toward each other as they both heard their regiment being called, the officer then continued "80th and Rangers, about face!" Both Regiments turned simultaneously "Quick march!" together the two regiments boarded the first vessel as the others went to their designated ship. After everyone was safely on board, the ships began sailing in the direction of Padres Del Fuego.

Caribbean Sea 1750:

"80th foot! Make your way below deck!" Jack and Davy followed the officers orders and went below deck. Once the battalion was below, two of the soldiers closed the hatch. Davy looked up and noticed Jack Stormrage above him with Andrew in front of the Colonel "I look forward to fighting under your command, Sir." Jack smiled "Good. Finally.....Bloody Pirates in combat."

Screenshot (90)

Andrew looks down at Locksilver

"They've managed to survive up until now and it will be on the battlefield where we truly settle our accounts." Jack walked away from his sergeant as Andrew gave Davy a quick glance and smiled, then following in his Captains footsteps.

The four frigates were now full sail to Padres Del Fuego.

Padres Del Fuego 1750:

"Unload the men and cargo! Careful now!" the ship was slowly dispersing, Davy's battalion lining up before the four mighty frigates. Andrew stood before them "Patrol all of Padres Del Fuego. Bring any man suspected of Piracy to me." Stormrage shouted "You heard him, move out!" Davy and Jack patrolled together while the other men went in the opposite direction. They stood at the opposite side from the Ratskellar Tavern, watching Andrew and Colonel Stormrage enter it with a few other Officers "Well wait here until nightfall."

"What is your planning? Are we to kill Stormrage?"

"Aye." Davy watched as Andrew sat beside Colonel Stormrage and William Brawlmartin

Screenshot (92)

Andrew (middle) speaks with Colonel Stormrage (Left) and William Brawlmartin (right)

Padres Del Fuego 1750:

Night had come swiftly, the tavern lit up with voices of merry men laughing their way through the night. Davy and Jack had their muskets focused in on the windows, waiting to see if Colonel Stormrage was to make his way to one of the rooms. After a few hours of waiting, Colonel Stormrage entered one of the rooms, holding a candle in his left hand and taking his hat off with his right. He stood with his back faced to Davy. Jack took aim, ready to fire. Davy ordered Jack to fire, but Jack refrained from doing so. Davy took his attention away from the window, grabbing jack by the back of the neck "What are you bloody doing mate? Fire." Jack shook his head "I cant... I just cant... You wont understand.." Davy let go of Jack and looked back toward the window, aiming his musket at the head of Jack Stormrage. When the air was still and all was silent, Davy pulled the trigger, allowing the bullet to travel through the window and strike Stormrage in his head. His body fell down to the floor, motionless. Jack hyperventilated "Did you.... Did you kill him?" Davy nodded his head "Aye..... We have to move, quickly." Davy and Jack stood up from their hiding spot and moved as far away from the shot as they possibly could.

Ratskellar Tavern 1750:

In the very room Jack had been shot in, half of an ear lied on the table with blood surrounding it. A bloodied hand then reached for the desk, slowly pulling himself up, but the man pulling himself up wasn't Colonel Stormrage, it was Sergeant Andrew. Captain Locksilver had gotten the two targets confused. As Andrew lifted himself up, he looked at the desk where half his ear lied, his eyes widened with a ringing sensation running through his head.


Andrew slowly gets up after being shot by Captain Locksilver

After he was finally able to stand on both his feet, he took out his flintlock pistol and ran outside of the tavern. he was greeted by four guards "Sir, e heard a.... Gunshot..."" Andrew shouted, clutching his left ear "Where is he!?" one of the soldiers replied "We don't know who fired the shot sir!""Andrew grew angered, commanding "Back to inside the tavern, now!" he, along with the rest of the troops ran back into the tavern. Andrew made his way to Colonel Stormrage's room, barging in "Sir!" Jack grew startled, looking at Andrew's wound "Sergeant? What happened?" Andrew stood before his Colonel, not even blinking once "I wanted to make sure you were safe from harm, Sir...."

"I understand that, but what the bloody hell happened?"

"I'm not sure who it was.......But I assume it was Locksilver. I swear I saw him aboard our frigate!" Jack rubbed his face "I don't believe Captain Locksilver would sail all the way to Padres Del Fuego just to end your life." Andrew responded, stuttering "You don't know the man as I do, Colonel..." Jack nodded his head "Very well..... When you are healed, conduct a full investigation. Use any tactic as you normally would. We will bring Captain Locksilver to justice in all good time." Without responding, Andrew closed the door to Jack's quarters.

Caribbean Sea 1750:

"You murdered him...." Davy rolled his eyes once more at Jack's useless banter "I told you I was going to take the shot." Jack responded shakily "You killed him..."

"I had to." He jumped back at Davy "You had to? He never even knew you shot him! You could have spared his life, maybe captured him and imprisoned him. all of this killing is useless! It gets us nowhere!"

"He's dead now. Hopefully all of this violence will come to an end."

"We cant defeat the Empire." Davy corrected Jack "We're not after the Empire. We're after the very men who would seek to take away our freedom. Destroy everything we've worked on for so many years, no matter the cost."

"If you kill as you did in cold blood, you're no better than they are."


Jack watches as Davy moves out of view

"Then you would prefer to let a man of great evil live, only to allow him to harm someone else?" Davy sailed into Tortuga's bay, porting his vessel at the nearest dock "I can see you do not wish to be here, Jack." Davy let go of the wheel, looking into Jack's eyes "Our associations has ended. I think its time we part ways here." before walking out of Jack's sight, leaving him alone on the Sloop.

Ratskellar Tavern 1750:

Nearly one week has passed since the attempted Assassination on Colonel Stormrage. Andrew had finally been fully healed and made his way into the tavern of Ratskellar. After awaiting the tavern to grow silent from him standing in the doorway, he began to speak "Gentlemen. I know that many of you are known to be privateers or former men of the British Army and for that I salute you. But some of you here are Pirates. Men that would seek to wreak havoc upon the Caribbean and kill the very men who tried so hard to keep you all safe from young even." One of the men shouted "Bollocks to your kind!" Andrew completely ignored the man and continued "I wish to recruit men here to aid me in ridding the Caribbean of Piracy. If you are to join me, I will make you one of the most elite fighting forces in all the Caribbean. Your aim will be precise, and you will be able to kill a man much sooner than you normally would." The same man who interrupted Andrew stood up from his seat and walked toward him "Who do you think you are? Coming in here dressed in these rags?" he grabbed Andrew by the collar and pushed him back. Andrew calmly asked "What is your name, if you don't mind my asking?"


The Entire tavern watches Marcus antagonize Andrew

"Marcus Woodhull." Andrew's mouth grew wide "Ah....Marcus... I know a man by that name..." Marcus smiled "Oh lookie here boys....." He pointed to Andrew's left ear "It seems this ones got too caught up with the ladies eh?" The entire tavern laughed at Marcu's remark, Andrew following in their lead "Ha ha! I see you like to cause trouble around here."

"It took you that long to figure that out muck spout?" Andrew took his sword out of its sheath and threw it to the ground, then taking out both of his pistols and gently placing them beside the sword "I also take it then that you know more about fighting than I?"

"More than ye think." Andrew held out both of his arms "Then kill me.... If you can." Marcus took out a knife from it's sheath as Andrew taunted him once more "And no need to worry about the consequences. If you manage to kill me, who would know? You could throw my body into the ocean, never to be seen again." Andrew smiled "That is of course, if you can kill me." after waiting a few seconds, Marcus swung the knife at Andrew, who grabbed his arm. He then snapped Marcus's arm, grabbing the knife "Thank you." as his enemy let out a painful scream. Andrew then let go of his dislocated arm and looked at all the men in the tavern, who all sat silently "I would really rather hope that you all take this as a lesson." Andrew then picked up his pistol and shot Marcus in the head with it "He wont be a bother any more. Now then, where were we?" Andrew took a moment to gather is thoughts "Ah yes....Who here wishes to join me in ridding the Caribbean of Piracy?" one man stood up from his seat and walked over to Andrew, then another followed, and another and another. Soon over more than half of the tavern had walked up to Andrew, who smiled "You all made the right decision." Andrew turned in the opposite direction of the men, walking out of the front door, shouting "Fall in!" all those who supported him followed Andrew in a single line back to his camp.

Padres Del Fuego 1750:

"That's it men! When you jab the enemy, you turn the bayonet and then pull, that way you drag their intestines out with it!" Andrew patted one of his men on the shoulder "Well done Soldier.... You knew to do that without me even saying." The man looked up at Andrew "Thank you sir."


Andrew watches his men train

"What is your name if you don't mind my asking?"

"Finley, Sir."

"Finley? Well then Finley, I would like to offer you second in command of my Battalion. Are you up to this?" Finley smiled "Of course sir...Of course..."

"Excellent." Andrew noticed a familiar face coming toward him asking "How dare you show your face here?" Andrew turned to Finley "Train the men while I speak to him, will you?" he then began walking toward the familiar man "Commander Marcus Livingston, there is no need for apology."



Marcus confronts Andrew on his recent tactics

"Yes I've already chosen to forgive past transgressions."

"What uniform is this?" Marcus found Andrew's green uniform to be out of the ordinary "I have chosen to form an elite fighting force that would rid the Caribbean of piracy and perhaps aid in future wars, the Queens Rangers." Marcus interrupted "Do you think I forgot what you did five years ago?"

"I was ridding the Caribbean of Piracy."

"Killing men in cold blood is no way of ridding the Caribbean of Piracy!"

"I do not kill men in cold blood. I only kill Pirates and I don't take kindly of you defending them."

"I am not defending Pirates. I heard and saw you torch the house in Port Royal and hang its inhabitants." Andrew rolled his eyes "They were housing Pirates which is against our laws. How else was I to show a sign of authority?"

"Of course you could have hung the pirate, but the house's inhabitants was not necessary."

"In my eyes it was and I believe that's all that matters now. Besides, whats done is done." Andrew turned to his men "Now if you'd excuse me, I have more important matters to attend to, Commander, my apologies." Andrew walked away from Marcus, who in return went in the opposite direction. Finley walked up to Andrew "Sir, what are our orders?"

"We continue training and then sail for Port Royal. Last I heard of Colonel Stormrage, he was residing in the Governors mansion..... Until then, continue training our men."

"Yes Sir." Andrew looked out to open sea, where he pondered Locksilvers whereabouts.

Caribbean Sea 1750:

Andrew's Naval Frigate had set sail for Port Royal, making it there in a few days time. Upon arriving, Andrew and a few men from his battalion mounted up on horses and trotted their way to the Governors Mansion.

Port Royal 1750:

"Finley, be sure to keep my firearms safe." Andrew dismounted from his horse and handed Finley his two dueling pistols and musket "Wait here will you?" Finley nodded his head as he ordered the remaining soldiers to line up in an orderly fashion. Andrew then made his way into the Governor's Mansion.


Andrew rides with a few of his men to the Governor's Mansion

Upon entering, he noticed two men, one he had not been expecting "Colonel Stormrage, Governor Brawlmartin, hello." Jack Stormrage turned to Andrew "Greetings sergeant. How fares your wound?" Andrew grabbed the side of his ear which had been torn off halfway "A minor setback, Sir. Of course it would be pleasurable to see the end of the man responsible, but I will not let that interfere with my work here." William began walking toward Andrew "Colonel Stormrage here tells me that you believe a man named Captain Davy Locksilver attempted to murder you?"

"I'm afraid so, Governor. I would hate to see him possibly reach one of you. That would certainly be a terrible setback for the crown here in the Caribbean."

"Indeed it would be." Jack reassured. Andrew removed his hat and sat down at the desk across from Colonel Stormrage "What are your orders sir? I am fully healed now and am eager to serve the Empire once more."

"We need to gain as many men as we could to begin our search." Andrew let out a devilish smile "Follow me outside, would you?" Jack followed Andrew out of the mansion's doors as William remained inside. Outside, stood a small amount of men, similarly dressed as Andrew which amassed to six "What is this?" Jack asked curiously as Andrew responded "Sir, I would like you introduce you to the Queens Rangers. A newly formed fighting force that wishes to rid the Caribbean of Piracy."

Jack looks at ship

Jack looks at the Frigate from the Governor's Mansion

"This is merely six men, Andrew, we cant possibly rid the entire Caribbean of-" Andrew interrupted, pointing to the Frigate off in the distance. Jack stepped in front of the Queens Guard, with Andrew at his side "Off in the distance, there are nearly fifty men on that vessel that are officially the Queens Guard. I managed to recruit men with past war records. One man named Finley fought in the French and Indian War." Jack smiled "And what is he doing here in the Caribbean?"

"I'm asking the same question, Sir." Jack turned to Andrew 'You may begin your search, Captain" Andrew nodded his head as Jack made his way back into the mansion, clearly fond of his new title.

Rowdy Rooster Tavern 1750:

"Ha ha! Pour another one will you!?" the young marine shouted to the barkeeper as five Queens Rangers entered the room, pondering their Captains whereabouts "Oi, have you seen the Captain?"

"Bugger off, we're busy here." Macinnis, one of the Queens Rangers, shouted once more "Where is the bloody Captain!? We have urgent news!" the young Marine, Henry, stood up from his seat "Your Captains whereabouts are of no concern of ours. Even if I did know, I wouldn't tell a blighter like yourself." he turned to the barkeeper "Wheres my bloody flask!?" Macinnis then punched the Marine across the face and soon a whole fight broke out, the Marines fighting the Queens Rangers.

Screenshot (115)

The Queens Rangers and Marines fight in the Rowdy Rooster

Macinnis tackled Henry out the window and Captain Andrew and Finley stood a few feet away from them, looking at Macinnis with pure anger, shouting "Stand fast!". A few Marines aimed their guns at the Rangers and in return the Rangers aimed theirs at the Marines. Andrew ran toward Macinnis, who attempted to explain the situation "Sir! These men attempted to-" Andrew grabbed Macnnis by his collar with both of his hands "I should never have allowed you to lead the search party! You idiots cannot keep yourselves in line!" he threw Macinnis to the ground as Commander Marcus Livingston ran up to him with a few armed guards "Captain Andrew! Order your men to lower their arms!"

Screenshot (119)

Andrew grabs Macinnis

Andrew turned to Marcus, replying wisely "After you, Sir." Marcus looked at both sides, clearly angered at the Captains response. Andrew then took a few steps closer toward Andrew "Allowing two Brtitish forces to battle one another wouldn't be good for neither of us now would it?" Marcus angrily shouted "Men! Lower your arms!" Andrew then nodded to his men to lower theirs. Marcus looked Andrew in the eye "You must learn to control your men."

'Oh I already know how to control my men. But thank you for the wise criticism, sir." Andrew turned to Finley and his men "Rangers, fall in. We make for Fort Charles" Andrew's entire battalion lined up in two ranks behind him and marched off, leaving the angered Commander with his Marines.

Fort Charles 1750:

"Sir." Colonel Jack Stormrage turned to Andrew "Captain. I welcome you to Fort Charles."

"Thank you sir. I trust your war with Grim Wahl has been going well?" Jack sighed "The bastard hasn't even attacked us once. He speaks of wanting war and even declaring it, yet shows no signs of a true threat."

"That is a shame. Perhaps you would think it best for me to give them proper motivation?"

"I don't believe that is quite necessary at this time. Perhaps you would wish to continue your search for Locksilver?" Andrew's eyes widened "Oh sir... I did not want his antics to interfere with our war with Captain Wahl."

"It is fine Captain. Grim Wahl is no more of a threat than Locksilver. You may search for him if you wish." Andrew smiled and turned to his battalion of 60 men "Rangers, at attention!" the entire battalion stood silent "Ten of you will come with me to Tortuga. We are to hunt the notorious pirate, Captain Locksilver. I ask that the remainder of you wait here." Andrew looked at his second in command "Finley, I trust you will be able to keep the men in line until my return?"

"Of course sir."

"Excellent" Andrew began walking out of the Fort "Rangers, fall in!" ten Rangers followed in Andrew's footsteps, while the remainder of them awaited their Captains return at Fort Charles.

Tortuga 1750:

"Welcome back Captain!" one of the civilians greeted Captain Andrew and his men as they docked their sloop "Thank you Mrs. Stone. Might I suggest that you take your son and retreat into your home."

"Is there danger?" Andrew picked up his musket and equipped it with his bayonet "Not as long as you stay clear of the garrison. With any hope, it will all be settled by nightfall. Good day." Andrew and his Rangers passed by Mrs. Stone and continued their search for Captain Locksilver. They asked dozens of civilians that wandered the streets of Tortuga, but none were able to give up any information regarding Locksilver's whereabouts. After hours of searching, night had fallen and someone familiar had turned up. Jack Cannonskull was caught wandering the streets alone "Master Cannonskull!" Jack turned around and noticed Andrew and his soldiers making their way toward him. Panicked, Jack began walking faster and faster toward the Wildwoods in Tortuga "After him." Andrew commanded. The Queens Rangers pursued Jack, knocking down dozens of people that stood in their way. Once Jack had made it to the Wildwoods, the Rangers came to a halt. Andrew caught up, catching his breath, he asked "Why have you stopped Macinnis!?"

"He's gone into the Wildwoods sir." Andrew sighed, handing Macinnis his musket "Then go in after him. We will wait for you here. I want you to bring him back dead or alive."

"Sir.... I dont think that I should-"

"Go!" Macinnis slowly made his way into the Wildwoods with his musket drawn, ready to fire at anything that moved.

Wildwood 1750:

As Macinnis slowly made his way through the raggedy woods, he followed Jacks footprints left in the mud "Come out Pirate! We know your e're!" he shouted, aiming his musket in front of him. As the tracks came to an end, he turned to his right and noticed Jack curled up in a ditch below him.

Screenshot (120)

Macinnis is shot in the head by Captain Locksilver

Macinnis cocked his gun and aimed it at Jack. After a second of hesitation a trigger had been pulled, the bullet striking Macinnis in the side of his head, causing him to roll down the hill and on to Jack. Jack threw the body off of him, wondering who had fired the shot. In the darkness, Davy emerged "Jack, come with me now." Jack stood up and followed Davy out of the Wildwoods, making their way to the Bowdash Mansion.

Wildwoods 1750:

After hearing the shot fired from the Wildwoods, Andrew and his small battalion decided to go in themselves in search of Macinnis and Locksilver "Macinnis!" Andrew shouted, clearly angered that he wasn't receiving a response "Macinnis!" he then stepped on something strange. He looked below him and noticed Macinnis's corpse lying on the ground "He's here..." one of the Rangers asked "Sir, what of the body?"

"Leave it!" Andrew shouted, motioning his men to follow in his lead "If Locksilver wishes to be hunted then so be it." he turned to one of his men "Motlow, take two men with you and search Tortuga. We will remain in the Wildwoods."

Screenshot (123)

The Rangers search for Locksilver in the Wildwoods.

"Aye sir. With me" Motlow and two other Rangers made their way out of the Widlwoods as Andrew continued his search for Locksilver with 6 men remaining.

Tortuga 1750:

"Jack follow me, come on, faster." Jack and Davy maneuvered their way through Tortuga until they arrived at the Bowdash mansion. As Davy placed his hand on the handle to the front door, Jack asked him a curious question "Why did you come back?"

"I didn't come back for you. I came to end Andrew's life." Jack placed both of his hands on his face "Their uniforms... Who are they?"

"They're a newly formed unit called the Queens Rangers. With Andrew as their commanding officer."

"Why are we here?"

"I met a man named Matthew O'malley. He said he would aid me in my war with Britain." Davy opened the door and was greeted by Matthew and a few other pirates who were residing within the small mansion "Locksilver, who is this?" Matthew asked, gripping his tomahawk axe.


Matthew (Right) and one his men (Left) watch Locksilver and Jack as they enter the Mansion

"No need for Concern Matthew. This is Jack Cannonskull. He was with me during my privateering years for Lord Jonathan."

"Is this the young lad you told me of that refuses to kill?"

"Aye." Matthew and the rest of the pirates let out a laugh as he taunted Jack "So if someone was about to kill you, you wouldn't kill them? What are you a woman? Because your certainly not a man." Jack shook his head in disgust "None of you understand. These men we're killing have families. They were children, just as we were. They grew up just as we did-"

"Enough of your petty excuses." Matthew protested. Davy then silenced them both "The Queens Rangers are searching for us. They're in the Wildwoods as we speak." Matthew's face grew dismal "Andrew..." he turned to one of his men "Thomas, get my weaponry." Thomas wandered down below in the cellar and grabbed Matthew's musket. Handing it to him, Matthew thanked him, turning to another one of the pirates "Douse the lamps." the entire house was black, the windows no longer shined through the streets. Davy, Jack, Matthew, Thomas and some of the pirates went below in the cellar while the rest stayed on the first floor to the mansion, looking out the window into the Wildwoods, ready to warn everyone of an impending attack. Matthew lit a small candle and put it on the floor, allowing a little light to shine in the cellar. Everyone sat around it and began speaking to one another. Jack went completely off topic "I remember when I first fancied a girl in Port Royal. Mary, her name was. She was the finest looking woman but never paid any attention to me none." Matthew sighed "Now is not the time." Davy corrected him "Maybe we do need to keep our minds off of the current matter." Jack then continued "That is of course until I told her I fancied her myself. e wound getting married and having a son that we named William....." Teas filled Jack's eyes "My baby boy.... He would have already been four years old...." One of the pirates then ran down below "Sir, we see the Rangers." Davy and Matthew ran up to the top floor, looking out of the window, noticing Andrew and six of his men walking straight toward the Mansion. Davy hid off to the side, as did Matthew, waiting to take their first shot. Thomas ran out and whispered "Sir, Rangers out back." Matthew turned to him "Never mind them, wait here." Matt then turned back and was fired upon by Andrew, the bullet striking the window, causing dozens of pieces of glass to shatter on the ground.
Screenshot (127)

The Rangers attack the Pirates in the Bowdash Mansion

The Pirates then retaliated and began firing at the Rangers, ending the lives of two soldiers. Davy aimed his musket at Andrew and fired, missing his target by nearly an inch. After noticing the bullet fly past him, Andrew dropped his flintlock to the ground and took out his musket, firing and killing one of the pirates in the mansion. He then dodged incoming fire and hid behind the tree's. Matthew shouted to Locksilver "Davy! We cant stay here!" bullets then started flying past from behind. Rangers were firing through the windows from the backside of the mansion. Davy nodded to Matthew, who then unsheathed his tomahawk. Davy then took out his flintlock pistol and held it in his left hand, unsheathing his sword and wielding it in his right. Jack and Thomas emerged from below the cellar, ready to charge. Davy then shouted "Forward!" He kicked the door open and shot one of the Rangers with his pistol.

Screenshot (128)

Matthew's axe strikes one of the Rangers.

Matthew came in from behind and threw his tomahawk at one of them, the axe catching the Ranger between the eyes. Andrew equipped his bayonet and charged at the pirates with his battalion. Davy began dueling with the Rangers, along with Thomas and Matthew. Jack himself dueled as well but tried his best not to deliver fatal blows. Motlow and his men flanked them and killed two other pirates battling it out with with their enemies. After realizing defeat was imminent, Matthew shouted "Fall back! Fall back!" Davy, Thomas, Matthew and Jack all began running back into the Wildwoods. After Andrew finished off the pirate he had been dueling, he noticed Davy making a run for it "After them!" he commanded.

Wildwoods Tortuga 1750:

As the group made their way through the Wildwoods, Jack and Davy had been separated from Thomas and Matthew. They both came to a complete stop "Davy... I don't know where we are.."

"Just... Quiet down Jack.... We'll get out of here..." Davy took out his sword, looking in all directions. Jack sighed "Davy...."

"Wha-" Davy was whacked over the head with the butt of a Rangers Musket, knocking him to the ground. Jack was then grabbed by Motlow as the one Ranger bonded Locksilvers hands with rope. Davy slowly got out of his daze and noticed Jack fighting both Rangers in hand to hand combat. Jack kicked the one guard to the ground, causing his bayonet to be unattached from his belt. Jack took out his pistol and aimed it at Motlow, who grabbed Jack's arm and disarmed him, throwing the pistol to the side. Davy, with his hands bound, slowly made is way over to the pistol, picking it up and shooting one of the Rangers dead. He then grabbed the bayonet and held it upward, shouting Jacks name as he was held against a tree by the last remaining Ranger. Motlow took out his pistol but was restrained by Jack. Davy called out his name once more "Jack! Here!" With all of his pain and hatred combined, Jack pushed Motlow outward, causing him to trip and fall on top of the bayonet held in Davy's hand, piercing him through the chest.

Screenshot (129)

Jack throws Motlow into the Bayonet held by Davy

Motlow gasped for air and after taking his last breath, he pulled the trigger with all his mite, causing the bullet to strike Jack in the side of his leg. Davy cut away at his bonds and crawled to him "Jack... Come on we're going to get you out of here. Your fine... your fine..." he then heard Andrew's voice echoing in the distance "Do not stop until they're found!" Jack shook his head "Davy.. No... They'll catch you and me... I cant let that happen."

"No they wont, come on" Davy plafed Jack's arm round his neck and began dragging him. Jack said weakly "I wish I could have been brave.... Done something to alter the world of its current state..."

Jack noticed Andrew coming closer and closer "Davy! Put me down! Please... Just put me down.." Davy placed Jack beside a tree, allowing him to rest "Jack I cant leave you here. You have a wife and a boy to go back to... They need you."

"William has his mother.... I never got to bond with my boy... He wont care much."

"A boy needs his father...."

"It's time we part ways here my old friend." Matthew and Thomas appeared "Davy? What are you doing here? They're comi-" a shot landed right on the tree beside them. Jack grabbed Davy's arm "Go." Matthew grabbed Davy and tugged him away, leaving Jack alone beside the tree. Once Andrew caught up to them, he noticed Jack sitting beside the tree, clearly injured "Oh my... It looks like your friends abandoned you." Andrew was clearly affected by Motlow's death. Angered, Andrew kicked Jack in his wound. After pondering what to do with him, Andrew came up with an idea "Hopkins."

"Yes sir?"

"Take this one to Port Royal. We'll hang him near the Governors Mansion for all to see." Andrew had suffered a loss of 6 men, while the pirates sustained many more casualties. The Queens Rangers came out victorious, returning to their home, Port Royal.

Port Royal, Governors Courtyard, 1750:

Jack stood before the gallows, overlooking what would soon be his demise. He thought to himself that in less than ten minutes, his life would be taken from him. Fear was sent through him as he attempted to comfort himself. He slowly made his way up to the platform below the hangman's noose. Looking at everyone, he whispered to himself, shaking "It will be but momentary pain." he placed the rope around his neck and tightened it himself. Andrew walked up to Jack and overlooked the crowd "If death takes too long we may pull down on the legs of the condemned in order to speed along mercy." he turned to Jack "If the condemned has any last words to speak, speak them now." Jack looked at the crowd "I pray that you all bear me witness. That I give my life for something I believed in. That I am not thought of as a criminal, but a mere man."

Screenshot (130)

Jack is hung at the Governors Mansion

Jack had finally accepted his fate. He knew he would never see his wife and son again, that is, until they would meet again one day in the great beyond. Andrew kicked the platform below him and left Jack dangling and gasping for air. The women in the crowd gasped as Jack's neck didn't even snap. Jack let off one last breath of air that echoed throughout the Courtyard. Jack had finally been put the rest. All that he had endured and all the pain he had suffered, he was finally at rest. Andrew turned to the crowd "I hope this serves as a warning to you all." He turned to his second in command "Finley, remove the body and put it on display for all to see. After two days, you may take it down."

"Yes sir." Finley removed Jack's corpse and dragged it across the courtyard. Colonel Jack Stormrage walked up to Andrew "I see your hunt went well."

"It did sir. But we did lose six men."

"Wheat from the chaff."

"Indeed." Jack looked around "So what is your next move Captain?"

"I will take each day as it comes sir. That is about the best I could do.....Although... Did Mr. Cannonksull here have a wife or son?" Colonel Stormrage nodded his head "He use to write to his wife and his newborn son during his time in the Royal Navy." Andrew turned to the crowd who began removing themselves from the courtyard "Good." soon the entire courtyard had been cleared of civilians. Nothing was left but the wind of despair that swept through the souls of every man,woman and child that bared witness to the hanging.

Caribbean Sea 1750:

"How would we have left him.... He was so innocent to the world....."

"Innocent? I viewed him more of coward." Davy turned to Matthew, clearly angered at his wise remark he replied firmly "Jack was a great many things..... But not a coward." Davy cluthced his head with his left hand "We need to go back for him."

"Davy, the boy is probably dead as we speak."

"Andrew wouldn't kill him immediately. He would interrogate him."

"Then what would you propose we do? March in to Fort Charles and demand that he be released?" Davy nodded his head "He did it for me."

Cannonksull Residence, Port Roytal 1750:

Mary Cannonksull ran to the door which was being pounded on. Upon opening it, Andrew stood with his hat removed from his head "Oh Captain..." Mary curtsied "May I come in, Mrs. Cannonksull?"

"Oh.... Of course..." Andrew walked in to the home, looking around he stated "This is a fine home that you have, Mrs. Cannonskull."

"Thank you Captain." Mary gathered up her courage and asked Andrew a curious question "Captain?"

"Yes Mrs. Cannonskull?"

"How fares my husband.... Is he...." She placed her hand over her mouth, tears filling her eyes "Is he alright?" Andrew stood silent, then replying grimly "Perhaps you should be seated."

Screenshot (133)

Andrew tells Jack's wife of his unfortunate demise

"Is he... Is he alright?" Andrew sighed "I did my best to save him Mrs. Cannonskull. My men and I arrived nearly a week ago to rescue him but found his body mutilated by Pirates." Mary began crying as Andrew pointed to his ear "I even sustained this wound." Mary sobbed, placing her head on Andrew as he wrapped his arms around her "Do not fear. I am here to console you, if you so require. You're not alone." Commander Marcus Livingston then entered the room with an armed escort. He too had witnessed the true death of Jack Cannonksull. Andrew let go of Mary and turned to him "Ah, Commander. How fares your travels?"

"I saw.. That man you-" Andrew interrupted "I tried everything I could to save him, as my men will attest." Four Queens Rangers entered the room, accompanied by Finley. Marcus then responded unwillingly "I have no doubt of it." Andrew then turned to Mary "Mrs. Cannonksull... Shall I tell your son in the best possible manner? Or shall you?" Mary wiped the tears from her eyes "I will tell him.... Just give me a moment.... Excuse me." Mary made her way upstairs, where she would tell her son of the unfortunate news. Andrew then walked up to Marcus, accompanied by his Rangers "It would be unfortunate for two Regiments to be having at each other. After all, we are men of the King's Army." Marcus whispered "Why wont you tell her the truth, Andrew?"

"That would possibly ruin our reputation. Besides, I require more domestic accommodations while my men rest here. Fort Charles has been quite uncomfortable for the past few weeks." Mary came walking down with William holding her hand "Ah.. Is this your boy?"

Screenshot (135)

Marcus Confronts Andrew once more at Jack Cannonksulls house

"It is, Captain." Andrew crouched and placed both of his hands on the boy's shoulders "Well hello there! Whats your name?" Jack's boy responded in a low tone "William..."

"William? Well that is a fine name you have there William. My name is Captain Andrew." Will went to grab Andrew's flintlock which was holstered in his belt. Andrew quickly moved away "Oh no no no no no.... That's not for children.... Perhaps when you get a little older your mum will allow you to fire one? How does that sound?" Andrew stood up, looking at Mary "I will stay here to comfort you for the next few days, if that is alright with you madame?" Mary attempted to breath through her clogged nose "Of course Captain." Andrew turned to Marcus and gave him a quick smile "Well Captain... I bid you farewell on your future endevours. If you do not mind, Mrs. Cannonksull needs a little alone time."

"Of course... Captain." Marcus and his men disbanded from the room, leaving Andrew and Mary and her son alone with their grieving thoughts.

Cannonskull Residence Port Royal, 1750:

Mary awoke out of a sound sleep and went to check on her son, who had last been seen resting in his room. She slowly opened the door and found him missing. Panicked, she ran down the steps and into the living room, where she found Andrew with William on his lap "I suppose your looking for this?"

"Captain?" Andrew held up one finger "Do not fear Mrs. Cannonksull. I was merely keeping the boy company. he seemed quite restless since yesterday."

Screenshot (137)

Mary see's her son, William, with Andrew.

"Indeed Captain." she walked over to Andrew and held out her arms, signifying she wished to hold William herself. Andrew handed her the boy and sighed "I do rather miss my family back in England." Mary replied silently "I'm sorry Captain."

"Thank you Mrs. Cannonksull. Might I suggest that you-" Finley came barging in through the doors "Sir, one of the merchant vessels claimed to have sighted Captain Locksilver." The Captain of the merchant vessel walked in the home, making his way over to Andrew "Aye Captain... I saw him with my own eyes." Andrew closed in on him, his eyes widening "Which way did he run?"

"We last saw his ship on the coast of Padres Del Fuego." Andrew nodded his head "Finley."

"Yes sir?"

"Take a light sloop and circle the islands of Tortuga and Padres Del Fuego. If he is found, do not kill him, merely follow him. He will most likely return to Port Royal in search of-" Andrew stopped dead in his tracks, realizing Mary had been listening "Continue your search."

"Search for whom?" Mary rudely interrupted. Andrew tuned to her "The man that could have possibly murdered your husband. He has a known habit of killing any who cross his path, I suggest you remain here for the next few days. I will make sure no one will hamr you nor your son." Finley then saluted his Captain "We will continue our search sir. You two, with me."

Coast of Tortuga 1750:

"I cant believe that you have as gallivanting after a dead man."

"For all we know, he may not be dead."

"Theres no assuring that" Matthew corrected Davy. Thomas took out his spyglass and looked through its hole. Due to his being early morning, he sighted a small sloop closing in on them "Captain..." Matthew let go of the helm and Davy took the wheel "Aye?"

"Ship sighted."

"Her colors?"

"She isn't flying any."

"Hand it here" Matthew took hold of the spyglass and looked through its hole, sighting the ship. Unfortunately it was too far to make out the crew sailing it. He handed Thomas the spyglass "It is most likely another Pirate vessel." Davy corrected him "She's sailing straight toward us. If she is a Pirate vessel, she's after us." he turned to Thomas "Thomas, loose the sails at full speed. We're turning starboard." The sails released and Davy turned the ship in the opposite direction, sailing far from the sloop "I don't believe she will be able to catch up to us." Matthew remarked. Davy shook his head "That wasn't a Pirate vessel, Matthew."

Cannonksull Residence, Port Royal, 1750:

Andrew sat at Jack Cannonskull's former desk, looking through a magnifying glass at an old map he found lying aground. Mary emerged near the door "Captain?"

"Yes Mrs. Cannonskull?"

"How fares the search for the pirate?"

"It's been merely a day since my men set sail. I expect no news will come up for at least a week." Mary slowly walked over to Andrew, here eyes focused in on him and right hand behind her back "You know Mrs. Cannonskull, I was rather quite fond of your husband before he was brutally murdered by the brigands. It's a shame really that such a remarkable fighter had to be brought to heel by rebels." Mary came up from behind Captain Andrew and revealed her right hand, which held a small knife. Andrew quickly turned around and on his lap revealed William "Lets think carefully here Mrs. Cannonskull." Andrew cocked a pistol that was held in his left hand "I would suggest that you put the knife down." Mary began shaking "Give me.... My son.."

"Oh I don't think so. First you drop the knife." Mary unwillingly let go of the knife and allowed it to fall to the ground. Andrew then revealed a letter and Mary seemed quite surprised "I found this hidden under your pillow. It seems to be a letter of some sort." Andrew began reading the letter "Colonel Stormrage: I write with utmost urgency regarding protection for myself and my beloved son. The Queens Rangers have settled in to my home, led by the brutal and re-known, Captain Andrew. I warn you most solemnly that you use utmost caution when dealing with this man. He is proven to be dangerous and untrustworthy...." Andrew smirked "It seems you've either stopped there or finished and was ready to send it out to the Colonel?" Mary began breathing heavily "What have you done to my husband."

Screenshot (139)

Andrew reads the letter written by Mary Cannonskull, with William held at his side

"I do not know what you are talking about." Mary shrieked "I found his body Hung for display! What have you done to my husband!" she lunged at Andrew, shaking him back and forth "What have you done?! What have you done!?" he quickly pushed her aside, grabbing William and pointing the pistol at him "The command to fire is an easy one. Especially when the one commanding to fire is the one holding the firearm." Mary Wiped the tears from her eyes "What do you want? What do you want!?" Andrew sighed "I had rather hoped that you wouldn't notice. I did enjoy the domestic life for the short few hours I was here. But now that you know, i'm afraid that this cannot go unpunished."

'If you hurt my son..... I swear you wont live to see the next day...." Mary then said firmly "Put....Down...My....Son." Andrew took a few seconds to ponder her command "Ok." he let go of William, who ran to his mother. The two hugged one another as Andrew holstered his pistol "I did not want to do this, but you forced my hand." Four Rangers entered the room, armed with their muskets and bayonets "Hopkins, I want Mrs. Cannonskull and young William to be hung for treason. The second the platform drops and if their necks do not snap, pull down on their legs immediately in order to speed along mercy. It would be a shame for them to suffer for their husbands doing." Mary pleaded "You don't have to do this... He's merely a boy... please.."

"One must pay for ones mistakes. It is not I that chose to marry Cannonskull. Perhaps in the afterlife you will choose wiser." Mary screamed and grabbed one of the Rangers bayonets, shoving it into Motlows neck, she shouted "William, run!" William ran out of the front door. one of the rangers whacked Mary over the head, knocking her to the ground. Andrew had clearly become enraged "You.... You just killed one of my Sergeants.... You..." Andrew took out his gun, aiming it at Mary's stomach "I have lost too many men already." he pulled the trigger, the bullet striking Mary in the stomach. She let out a screech of pain as one of the guards aimed their muskets at her head. Andrew lowered it with his arm "No. There is no need for that. Let her suffer as is."

Screenshot (141)

Mary kills Motlow to allow her son time to escape

"And what of the boy?" one of the Rangers asked. Andrew replied "Do not fear Private.... He will turn up, and when he does, his life will end just as his Mother and Father." Andrew and his men began disbanding from the home "Good day to you Mrs. Cannonksull." he then shut the door, locking it from the outside.

Killed Victims

3 Queens Rangers

Edward Vulture

Officer Christopher Rigfury

Charles (Caused)


2 (unnamed) EITC Officers

17 (unnamed) EITC Soldiers

4 (unnamed) Barbary Pirates

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