Capture of Turin
Part of War of Sardinian Succession
History of torino 1674
Date 29 July 1749
Location Outside Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Result Sardinians abandon the capital city of Turin, presumably marched south

Austrians capture city without bloodshed

23px-Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor (after 1400).svg Habsburg Monarchy 23px-Flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia.svg Kingdom of Sardinia
Commanders and leaders
23px-Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor (after 1400).svg Johann Ludwig Goldbauhölzerer 23px-Flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia.svg Ishmael Emmanuel III of Savoy
40,200 Unknown
Casualties and losses
None None

During the War of Sardinian Succession, the Capture of Turin was the result of Ishmael Emmanuel III of Savoy's decision to abandon his capital in favour of regrouping with a fresh army coming up from the south of Piedmont which would have not arrived in time to help defend Turin from the invaders.

With Lord Johann defeating the main Sardinian army outside Alessandria and Turin being captured by the Swiss on July 19, the Sardinians launched an assault on 24 July to recapture the city. The Sardinians retook Turin with high casualties, capturing and executing the Swiss commander, Jozef Kohleschmied. Upon hearing this news, Lord Goldbauhölzerer rallied his men and force marched his army throughout the next five nights to reach Turin ahead of schedule by four days. Sardinian scouts were surprised to report that the Austrians were a day's march from Turin. Ishmael Emmanuel chose to abandon his capital to the Austrians fearing certain defeat and to regroup his forces.

Lord Johann Ludwig Goldbauhölzerer, Duke of Edinburgh led Austrian forces against the Sardinian capital of Turin on 29 July. The Austrian forces moved on the Sardinian fortifications of Torino, overlooking the city from the far left side expecting a barrage of artillery fire to light up the night as they approached the fortress's massive walls. The Austrians arrived on the top of the walls to see no men manning the fortifications. The entire city's garrison had left 12 hours prior to the Austrian arrival with their king, the Austrians captured 60 cannon and turned them against the city fearing for a counter attack. All was silent. At 11 PM the Sardinian city representatives opened negotiations to surrender, delivering the key of the city to Lord Goldbauhölzerer.

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