To Serve and Protect, through duty and courageEdit

The Central Caribbean Constabulary, once known as the EITC Criminal Investigation Division, are the main policing force for the British Empire in it's 
140px-Jamaica Constabulary Force emblem.svg

Our coat of arms

Caribbean holdings. Founded originally by Chief Commissioner Jason Shiprat, the CCC was founded to serve as the regular police so that the other military forces of the EITC could focus on the more important matters, such as fighting Jolly Roger and Piracy. We are led by Chief Constable Bartholomew Swordfury. Our central HQ is in Port Royal, but we have Divisions on Kingshead, Padres, Cuba and Ile' de Porc. It was reformed with the reforms of the EITC to become a totally independant unit that was renamed the Central Caribbean Constabulary.

Our MissionEdit

To protect the everyday citizens of the Caribbean colonies. We deal with disturbances, riots, break in, assaults, harassment, murder and thefts, as well as take part in defending from invasions. All our members are trained members/ex-members of the military and take their duty seriously, with honour and courage.

Divisions and DepartmentsEdit


Chief Constable Bartholomew Swordfury


  • Kingshead - central headquarters, commanded by CC Bartholomew Swordfury
  • Port Royal - sector division, commanded by ACC Hannah Bluefeather  
  • Padres Del Fuego - sector division, commanded by
  • Cuba - sector division, commanded by Inspector William Geoffrey Averill Hopkins


  • Main Division - commanded by Chief Constable Bartholomew Swordfury
  • Overseer of the Sector Divisions - Assistant Chief Constable Hannah Bluefeather 
  • Armed Response Unit - commanded by Inspector
  • Special Branch - commanded by Detective Superintendent 
  • Dog Squad - commanded by Inspector
  • Riot Squad - commanded by Inspector William Geoffrey Averill Hopkins
  • General Duties Squad - commanded by Inspector


  • Chief Constable Bartholomew Swordfury 
  • Assistant Chief Constable Hannah Bluefeather  

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