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Following the first Pearson-sponsored rebellion in Spain under Sir Carlos Clemente (Who was said have died from a immunodeficiency virus), and a fifth Pearson-sponsored rebellion in France under again Sir Carlos Clemente (Again who was said have died from a immunodeficiency virus), as well as the infinite block of Lord Hector Wildhayes (A sock-puppet of Pearson to whom is already banned on this wiki) from the POR Britain Wiki, as well as a ministerial order by Prime Minister Johnny Goldtimbers which stated that anyone who visited Pearson's wiki would be tried for high-treason, and conspiracy with a cyber-terrorist, I feel that I've been left with a hundred different options than to openly declare war. 

I will conquer the entirety of The Spanish mainland, starting with a full-scale invasion of Madrid itself. The Fruit (As they call themselves) have 24 hours to make all necessary preparations for the first battle. Come tomorrow, they will appear on the field of battle on, or they will unconditionally surrender Madrid. I will destroy them like the cowards they are on Don't worry is 100% free. Showing up because you do not own the game is not an option. If you have terrible internet, cancel your broadband Internet service with McDonalds and choose a more reliable provider.


Battle Line-Up

  • First Battle - 11:00PM Indian-Standard-Time, May 22nd, 1749  (Control of the Iberian cow farms and respective 1,00,000 square mile radius) 'BRITISH VICTORY!
  • Second Battle (TBD)
  • Third Battle (TBD)
  • Fourth Battle (TBD)
  • Fifth Battle (TBD) 


  • You will name yourself Pearsonic Spain, we shall name ourselves Britain.
  • If you have any followers, they will name themselves Fruit 1, Fruit 2, Fruit 3, etc. Britain shall do the same for their followers, they will name themselves Britain 1, Britain 2, and David Cameron, etc.
  • No Hacks, No Mods, No Glitches.
  • No speed boost (since it is OP in (If you do use speed boost you will automatically lose)
  • Whoever gets to the #1 spot in 30 minutes wins.
  • If no one reaches the #1 spot in 30 minutes, it will be whoever is larger/has the most points.
  • If you are eaten or eliminated before the 30 minute mark, one of your followers may carry on in your place.
  • There will be no claiming random people as your followers. All followers must be named before the battle begins.

According to Pearson, the defender chooses the rules of engagement. I don't want to see what his words are worth because they hold no worth. TO BE CLEAR, failure to appear will result in an unconditional surrender.

Let all true fruit declare their loyalty and pledge their support in the POTCO wars to come.

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