EITC First Division


Johnny Coaleaston




Honour, Duty, Loyalty

Organisation Type:

Private Military/Elite Mercenaries

The First DivisionEdit

"Gentlemen, Lord Beckett has seen fit to send us to death, let us not disappoint!!!" Richard Venables to the division at Ravens Cove. -2nd Field Marshal

"It isn't about the rank, or the money, or the power it is about how you lead and wear them, with honor and pride." Marcus Ironskull to the First Division on his Command -3nd Field Marshal

"The most powerful weapons you bear are not your swords nor your muskets they are your words and the actions you take upon them" -Bartholomew Swordfury, 4th Field Marshal

The EITC First Division is a division in the service of the East India Trading Company. It is currently being reorganised as a fighting force. The division was the main attack force in the invasion of Guines and in 1745 it was disbanded, but it is being refounded very soon.


  • Admiral Hat - Available at Padres Del Fuego Tailor
  • Embellished Vest - Available at Padres Del Fuego Tailor
  • Plain Linen Long Sleeve - Available at Port Royal and Padres Del Fuego Tailors
  • Adventure Belt - Adoria's Family Quest, Padres Del Fuego Tailor
  • Adventure Breeches - Adoria's Family Quest, Padres Del Fuego Tailors
  • Adventure Boots - Adoria's Family Quest, Padres Del Fuego Tailors
  • Adventure Coat - Adoria's Family Quest, Padres Del Fuego Tailors


If you want to join you must be:

  • Ready to die for the EITC
  • Able to follow commands without questioning them
  • Be in or have been in an EITC guild, with some exceptions
  • Any Level or higher (some exceptions)
  • Although not required, it is preferred you wear the traditional EITC uniform.
  • For disobeying orders: 10 lashes
  • For disturbing meetings: 20 lashes
  • For insulting a superior officer: 20 lashes and demoted.
  • For causing a crime : 50 lashes and discharged or Executed depending on Varying Degrees


In the EITC First Division, certain ranks are aloud to use certain weapons. Note that no voodoo weapons (dolls or staffs) are permitted. We ask that each soldier have the proper weapons for their designated rank.

First and Second BrigadesEdit

  • Privates - Must use only bayonets.
  • Corporals - May use either bayonets or muskets. Can also have a small dagger (not throwing knives) for hand-to-hand combat, in substitution for bayonet.
  • Sergeants - May use either bayonets or muskets. Can also have a sabre for hand-to-hand combat, in substitution for bayonet.
  • Majors - May use bayonets, muskets, or flintlocks. Can also have a small dagger (not throwing knives) for hand-to-hand combat, in substitution for bayonet.
  • Lieutenants / Lieutenant Commanders - May use bayonets, muskets, or flintlocks. Can also have a sabre for hand-to-hand combat, in subsititution for bayonet. Also permitted to use hand grenades.
  • Generals / Colonels / Field Marshall - May use flintlocks, any type of sword, dagger (not throwing knives), and permitted to use hand grenades.

Third BrigadeEdit

  • All members of the Light Squad - May use practically any weapon, except voodoo. Weapons you may want to use the most include daggers, for fast kills, throwing knives, for accurate throws, muskets, for sniping, and smoke grenades, to cover your escape.

The EITC First Division NavyEdit

Is what remains of Beckett's Armada, it is comprised of warships of the EITC and Royal Navy and is commanded by Admiral Christopher Ironshot

The ArmadaEdit


Grading Edit

These will be the types of grades for our new training sessions.

Category A B C D F
Responsibility Is doing perfectly; no reminders needed. Can take care of themselves with some reminders. Does good, but can improve; dies sometimes Needs to improve on listening; dies a lot, but not too many times. Cannot take care of themself whatsoever; dies constantly.
Obedience Obeys orders without hesitation; outstanding effort. Obeys with some reminders. Needs to obey more, but does good. Obeys with lots of hesitation; needs a personal trainer. Refuses to cooperate; Needs personal trainer.
Teamwork Marine works very well in a team; Almost flawless to completely flawless; Eligible to ask for lone wolf. Works great in a team; Might be eligible for lone wolf style. Does well in a team, but needs a team to survive. Doesn't do so well in the team; needs some help. Constantly dies in team; refuses to fight alongside the team; Abandons group constantly.



Passing gradesEdit

These are the grades you get for the points in total.

F=169 and under

The ArmadaEdit

Medical FleetEdit

  • Needed a Medical Transport Ship

Navy RanksEdit

Below is a conversion of each army rank into it's navy rank. Soldiers keep both ranks.

  • Field Marshall - Fleet Admiral
  • General - Admiral
  • Brigadier- Vice Admiral
  • Colonel- Commodore
  • Major - N/A
  • Captain - Captain
  • Lieutenant - Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant
  • Ensign- Midshipman 
  • Sergeant Major- Chief Petty Officer
  • Sergeant - Petty Officer
  • Corporal - Able Seaman
  • Private - Seaman


Below is a list of all of the EITC First Division's primary objectives (in chronological order per catergory):


  • Invasion of Fragilles- Being planned


Hunts and Assassination MissionsEdit

  • Assassination on Pearson Wright (Being Planned)
  • Hunt for Basil Brawlmonk (Being Planned)

About the CommandersEdit

Here is a little bit about some of the commanders of the division. If you are on the wikia and are in the division, please add your name, rank, guild, and a brief discription of your military background.


Name Level Crime Reward
Pearson Wright Unknown Treason Unknown

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