Great Inagua
Great Inagua




Great Britain

"Aye. We'll make something of it in time. We could keep a fleet here, if we liked. And with a bit of fixing up, it'd be a decent place to call home." ―Ishmael Venables to Caterina Venables, March 1743

Great Inagua is an island of the Bahamas, which was home to a sizable plantation owned and operated by the French assassin Julien du Casse up until 1743. In September of that year, in order to claim El Arca del Maestro for Nassau's defenses, the British Templar Ishmael Venables assassinated du Casse and subsequently took ownership of the island, including a manor overlooking the cove.

Over the next several years, Venables invested heavily in the development of a settlement on the island, improving the docks, beachfront, and the manor itself. Following the British retaking of Nassau in 1746, Great Inagua became the new base for the remaining British of the West Indies.


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