Purpose Edit

The HMS Black Destroyer is a war frigate under the service for his majesty. Regarded as Great Britain's flagship, the Black Destroyer was a rank six copperhead which had impenetrable armor and explosive firing broadsides. The ship was designed and captained by non other than Johnny Goldtimbers, the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Recall Edit

As the war progressed, the Black Destroyer's service became slowly unwanted and undesired due to its lack of speed and maneuverability, proving to be a vital flaw in the many battles it has served in. This flaw led to the innovation of a new era of sea combat, where the much faster war sloops took command of the seven seas.

Johnny Goldtimbers ordered a new vessel to be created to represent Great Britain; he advised Sven Daggersteel to create a fast and powerful War Sloop, which came to be known as the HMS Noble Navigator. Although the Noble Navigator was meant as a replacement, the Black Destroyer often fought in battle alongside the Navigator to ensure a British victory.

The British defense of Ireland Part 1-006:51

The British defense of Ireland Part 1-0

The Black Destroyer's greatest victory at the Battle of Ireland

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