The HMS Black Hawk is a Stormchaser War Sloop under the command of Second Sea Lord James Goldtimbers


The HMS Black Hawk has been known to serve some battles for The British Empire against the Spanish in recent times, but has been retired due to the low activity threats in the Caribbean. It is expected to be fully operational for many battles to come, soon from new threats that are stirring up across the seas...


While the Black Hawk is not the largest ship of the British Navy it is quite versatile in close range strategic battles as well as chasing persons of interest. The HMS Black Hawk is one of the fastest ships, a Stormchaser variant "painted blue" meant to hit hard, swift, precisely and speed to cover. To many other ships across the Caribbean the Black Hawk is known to strike from the shadows and leave no evidence behind, signifying it's dangerous endeavors. Also the name derives from the Black symbol Hawk sewn across the ship's sails. The HMS Black Hawk stands for all Great Britian prides, order, stability, security, wealth and most of all peace in the continuing journey's it will face.

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