The Golden Rose is one of the hardest to beat, because the Captain of the beauty ship is Maxamillion. The Golden Rose or also known as the "The Ole' Rose", is a strong, thick powerful ship commanded by the British. It was created to backup Sven Daggersteels wicked fast Noble Navigator ship and allow there to be a balanced ship combination. Both Daggersteel and Max are fierce competitors and were very skilled at commanding a ship. The Golden Rose was a copperhead and endured a Seven Seas Globe retained by Maxamillion, so it gave him an upper advantage in some instances. The Rose wasn't always fast enough to catch up to speedy Slopes, but if the broadsides were in range of any ship, the explosive cannons would immediately take out the armor or wreck the ship in general. The Rose also to be mentioned was a War Frigate, and often either led or was in the drivers seat with other great sailors in SvS. The Golden Rose went down as one of the great and most famous ships of all time, and helped a lot in those sticky situations with the Spanish.

Golden Rose

Golden Rose

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