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Pledge Your Allegiance - House Venables Bluefeather Targaryen

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About Hannah Bluefeather:Edit

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Name: Hannah Venables (Bluefeather)

Titles: Queen/Empress of Austria, Governor of Hannover in Bobland, Governor of Tortuga and the Tortuga Province of Driftwood, High Officer and Captain in the EITC, Queen of the Elven Realms, Duchess of Argyll, Master Templar, Fourth in command of the Templars, on the Board of Directors in the Venables and Wellington Entertainment Company, Lord Treasurer and Third in command of the EITC, a member of the Council of Lords, Commisioner of the EITC CID, and Elite Connoisseur. Also, she is Princess of Spain, England, and France, and has other various titles.

Husband: Leonhard Bosch, Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

Children: Justin, Emelia Venables, Giovanni Venables, Leonhard Bosch The 3rd (aka Little Leo).

Hannah Bluefeather lives in Port Royal and in the Dutch Palace somewhere with Leonhard. She travels all over the place (in roleplay) with her family and friends.

Description of Hannah Bluefeather:

Physical Description: Medium sized, has brown hair and eyes, her hair is a braid with bangs, and a blue streak running through her hair. Sometimes she has blonde hair. Her eye color changes depending on her mood. Her skin is almost bulletproof and she has lighter skin. She loves to smile and has pink/red lips. Her hair is sort of long and she can fly sometimes. She is really friendly and beautiful. 

Gender: Female

Personality: Friendly, charming, loving, generous, cunning, sometimes deceitful, smart, strong, moody, dangerous,

Background History: Lives on Port Royal. Grew up in a wealthy royal family, grew up with her father Pearson Wright and her mother Duchess of Anemois, also known as Grace Goldtimbers. She later joined her family in the East India Trading Company. Hannah Bluefeather is the Queen of Austria. She married Richard Venables, a great leader, who was a Lieutenant General for Great Britain. Her weapon of choice is a bow and arrow with an extremely poisonous bluefeather arrow, (her specialty).  and her sword that glows blue. She is extremely friendly and sometimes she is easily distracted. Since she is a woman, Hannah Bluefeather may seem small, but she can kick butt. Looks can be decieving. Hannah Bluefeather is beautiful and highly intelligent but is skilled in combat. She is very attractive and is charming. Hannah Bluefeather has anger management issues every once in a while. Hannah Bluefeather's favorite food is ice cream. Hannah Bluefeather is part vampire, dragon, and other things, and is "immortal". She has only a few weaknesses, which she promises not to tell anyone. Sometimes she has to drink this "red rum" to prevent her from becoming extremely angry. She usually tries to stay away from fighting, though,  and is a very peaceful person.You just don't want to get on her bad side, and you especially don't want to make her angry, savvy?

(To be continued...)

Other Info:

Age: 30

Royal Status: Queen/Empress of Austria

Relationship: Married

Other Stuff:


Midnight Dancer: War Brig

Sea King: War Galleon

Bountyhunter Lion: War Frigate

Star-Chaser Lion: War Sloop


Pearson Wright- Father

Duchess of Anemois (Grace Goldtimbers)- Mother

Johnny Goldtimbers- Grandfather

Sir Richard Venables- Husband (My main bae <3)

Matthieu Venables (O'Malley)- Brother

Ishmael Venables- Stepson

Giovanni Venables- Son

Emelia Venables- Daughter

Rhys O'Malley- Nephew

Claire Sagui- Sister

Roberta Moon- Sister

Cadet- Brother

George Sailward- Brother

Ben Squidskull- Brother

Stardust- Sister

Syko- Brother

Halle- Sister

John Breasly- Uncle

Elizabeth Bane- Cousin

David Yellowfish- Cousin

Charognard- Sister-in-law and personal guard

Jack Bluehawk- Uncle

Albert Spark- Uncle

Sparky Whitewolf- Aunt

James Goldtimbers- Uncle

Peter Plankwrecker- good friend

Jarot Decksteel- good friend

Mark Ironskull- good friend

Ryan Warhawk- good friend

Stormwalker- close friend

Nate Crestbreaker- best friend

Sir Joseph Grey- good friend

Sven Daggersteel- good friend

Jason Blademorgan- good friend

William Brawlmartin- good friend

Taylor- good friend

Kwagar Ocata: good friend

Simon Pratton- good friend

Emily Darkvane- good friend

Bella Mermaid Queen of Ze Hobbits- good friend

Victoria Risa Diverti: close friend and cousin

Genevieve De Adelaide: best friend and cousin/grandmother-in-law (other main bae)

King: Pet Lion

Wolfie: Pet Wolf

Frost: Pet Dragon

(Other Pet Dragons: Habanero, Gold, Shadow, and Redd)

Hoot: Pet Owl

Nutmeg: Pet Squirrel

Blaze: Pet Dragon

Inferno: Pet Dragon

Cheesy: Pet Dragon

(To be continued...)


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