Samuel Harrington

The Earl of Harrington, who unofficially led the government.

The Harrington ministry, was a British administration officially led by the Earl of Wilimington, Lord James "Usman" Strider, but generally led by the Lord President of the Council, the Earl of Harrington, and the Southern Secretary, the Duke of Newcastle. The administration took power at the height of the Paradoxian War, and was dissolved after the death of the Prime Minister and the ascension of Lord Newcastle as Prime Minister. 

The MinistryEdit

Office Name Term

First Lord of the Treasury

The Earl of Wilmington 1742-1745

Lord President of the Council

Commander-in-Chief of the Forces

The Earl of Harrington 1741-1745
Lord Chancellor The Duke of Newcastle 1744-1745
Lord Privy Seal Jeremiah Stormwash 1743-1744
Secretary of State for the Southern Department The Duke of Newcastle 1742-1744
Secretary of State for the Northern Department Edward Daggerhawk 1742-1745
Chancellor of the Exechequer The Lord Edgecumbe (Captain Shadow Sail) 1743-1744
Master-General of the Ordnance vacant --
First Lord of the Admiralty Matthew Blastshot 1744-1745

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