Short BioEdit

Imam Aadam Mohammad Ubaydullah was born July 4th 1701 in Mecca Saudi Arabia from his mother Aaliayah and his father Aadhil. His father Aadhil raised him like a normal muslim boy, praying in Mecca everyday because he lived there and did not have to worry about a pilgrimage. His father was a fundamentalist muslim, meaning everything that went on in their house was based on the Quran. His father died when Aadam was 10, because he was killed by christians on a trip to Istanbul on a missionary mission to try and convert the christian west side of istanbul to islam along with 57 other muslim men, including an 3 imams. From there on out, Aadam was out on a tangent for revenge against the christians, until he decided to become 100% peaceful and preach it rather than carry it out. He grew up and became an imam. He eventually, due to his large following and huge amount of influence, was recruited by Sultan Muhmad I to become the minister of the Muslim Religon in the entire empire. 


A Painting of him

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