"We fight. "- Ivar "That is how we win, and that is how we die." - Ishmael

Ivar the Conqueror Decksteel-Venables
Ivar The Conqueror


Nassau, The Bahamas


Ishmael Decksteel-Venables (Father)

Caterina Decksteel-Venables (Mother)

Aslaug Decksteel-Venables (Mother)

Ellaria Decksteel-Venables (Mother)




Early LifeEdit

Ivar was born in Nassau to Ishmael "The Red Viper" Venables and Caterina Venables. Ivar know that he would have many brothers and sisters due to the parents and at the youngest age he would spend many time with his father in the Great Hall while his sisters spend more time with their mother. Ivar first word would be "Father" and Ishmael was happier about what he said.

More is coming

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