Josiah Smith
Josiah Smith


York, England


John Smith


Lt. Commander

Privateer of England


The Gospel of Josiah

"And you're worse for it, Pirates! It were the British who took us in when all else went to hell! Our king. Ours country. The British Empire."

-Smith to the Wounded Pirates, 1745


Josiah Smith (1725 – ) was an English Officer based in Nassau. Like John Smith, he had a close relationship with Ishmael Venables, one of the leaders of the EITC First Division After accepting the King's Orders, he was recruited into the British Army.

"We've sent two of our best men. John Smith and Josiah Smith. Privateers with fast ships and firm hearts." ―Venables, on Josiah Smith and John Smith, 1744

Little is known of Josiah' life prior to his becoming a privateer. By 1744, he, along with John and Venables, had become dissatisfied with the state of Nassau, feeling it had turned into an unbearable slum. As such, Smith eagerly accepted the British Crown, offered to him by Ishmael Venables, and was then invited to join the British in their attempts to restore order in the region.

In 1745, he and John were sent to Príncipe, an island on the coast of west Africa, to track down the Sage Bartholomew Roberts. Through their British connections, the pair secured an alliance with the Slaves based there. With the aid of the Portuguese, Josiah and John found and ambushed the crew Roberts was part of, though Roberts himself slipped away.

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