Jack Harkness
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London, 1704


Lt. Colonel General



Raven Cove



Raven Cove

Early lifeEdit

Jack Harkness was born Jack William Harkness in London, 1704, He was brilliant at math and survival training. He joined the Royal Marines at the age of 17 with the Tenth Royal Marines of Cardiff, and was posted to India between 1723 to 1735. Then he was sent with a platoon of Marines aboard a Captured French Warship as a guard to maintain order onboard the french ship. he was badly wounded after the french prisoners rebelled against the british marines, they recaptured the ship and shot the leaders but were badly messed up from it.

He was Promoted to Captain in 1737 after a daring raid on a Pirate Sultans fortress. though suffering many casualties and being wound again he made it to the sultans chamber and threatened him into surrender.

the fort is now in EITC command.

Command in BostonEdit

Harkness was given command of a company of Marines stationed in Boston. he was there till 1745, when he was tried for a raid on french forces at the battle of Quebec he left no survivors in the building which was a small church with about thirty French Soldiers inside, he captured the hill with twenty men but lost around half of his men in doing so. he held the hill for four hours. He was then at the side of General Wollfe as he died.
Harkness Quebec

Harkness at Quebec

he was aquited of the Charges and was promoted to Lt Colonal for bravery.

General HarknessEdit

Harkness was promoted to General after bravely defending port royal from an invasion from Jolly Rogers evil forces, a few month later he was made C-in-C of The Royal Marines replacing Lord Johnny O'Rielly, being promoted to lordship by the death of his father.

Death of Lord HarknessEdit

then at the battle of ravens cove's he took a bullet in the shoulder which went through his spine mortally wounding him
Lord Harkness

Lord Harkness's Death

he died an hour later seeing the defeat of his company at the town. He Was buried at port royals cemetary.