No i handle things more diplomatically than my predecessors."

Jason Blademorgan is a member of the East India Trading Company 

Jason Blademorgan


June 27th, 1717


Lord, Lieutenant General, Majesty Govern of New Jersey.


EITC,Royal Navy

  • First Joined the EITC in 1741
  • Total of 11 wars fought in
  • Became a Lord in 1745
  • Currently Lieutenant General in the EITC
  • Has made many friends, even famous themselves
  • Most notable for The Battle of Ile d'Etable de Porc.
  • Has appeared in stories/plays such as: 'What if John Breaslys Loyal Subjects Betrayed Him?' 'Another Blademorgan Play' ' Battle of Ireland' and more

Friends ListEdit

  • Elizabeth
  • William Brawlmartin (Best friend) 
  • Johnny Mcsilver
  • Samuel Redbeard
  • Benjamin Macmorgan.
  • Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Andrew Mallace
  • John Breasly
  • Maxamillion
  • Albert Spark
  • Hannah Bluefeather
  • Richard Venables
  • Nate Crestbreaker
  • Ishamel
  • Blake. 
  • Oh and Charles!

If i forgot your name i am so sorry >_>

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