No i handle things more diplomatically than my predecessors."

Jason Blademorgan is a member of the East India Trading Company 

Jason Blademorgan


June 27th, 1717


Lieutenant General, Majesty's Govern of New Jersey.


EITC,Royal Navy


Though Blademorgan wouldn't rise to fame until the late days of POTCO. He joined the East India Trading Company in 1741(2008). Since then Blademorgan has been loyal to his Majesty and his Empire. Blademorgan would rise to fame due to the "Retirement" Of Lord Garland in the fall of 1744. At first hated but soon became friendly and actually liked within the Empire. Blademorgan's talents would skyrocket in 1745 with the outbreak of the fast pace reconstructing Spanish Empire after the Paradoxian Wars.


From all he learned in POTCO, Blademorgan would use his talents to launch the Campaign that would spark the rise of the East India Trading Company once more. The EITC before this was in shambles due to the lack of attention there. With some help of course. Shortly after Lord Governor Brawlmartin's resignation, Blademorgan would rise to the top for the first time. It was there that Blademorgan would install a new system within the East India Trading Company based on his beliefs. The guild under his command being the East India Co. Which had 340 members with 20 being online daily. Before his work could be placed into action, Blademorgan would resign due to conflicts in his life.

Some Little Facts Edit

  • First Joined the EITC in 1741
  • Total of 11 wars fought in
  • Became a Lord in 1745
  • Most notable for The Battle of Ile d'Etable de Porc.
  • Created the East India Bill which launched the EITC Campaign in 1750
  • Briefly was Lord Governor of the EITC before resigning
  • Has appeared in stories/plays such as: 'What if John Breaslys Loyal Subjects Betrayed Him?' 'Another Blademorgan Play' ' Battle of Ireland' and more

Friends ListEdit

  • Elizabeth
  • William Brawlmartin (Best friend) 
  • Johnny Mcsilver
  • Samuel Redbeard
  • Benjamin Macmorgan.
  • Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Andrew Mallace
  • John Breasly
  • Maxamillion
  • Albert Spark
  • Hannah Bluefeather
  • Richard Venables
  • Nate Crestbreaker
  • Mercy Crestbreaker
  • Johnny Goldtimbers
  • James Goldtimbers
  • Joseph Grey
  • Freebooter

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