A French Aristocrat in BritainEdit

Louis Alexandre Joseph, Comte de Venables was born in France in 1720, to Victor Montesquieu Venables and Jeanette Baptiste de la Serre in Versaille, France and grew up in there until he was twelve. His father was the cousin of Sir Richard Venables of Scotland, whilst his mother was also of a notable aristocratic family. His mother and father were both members of the Templar Order and he grew up in fierce training to become an asset to the Templars.

Early LifeEdit

Louis lived in Versailles till the age of twelve when his parents were assassinated by the Assassin Brotherhood and he was left an orphan. It was at this time he was sent to live with his second cousin, Colonel Richard Venables, a noted British Officer and Templar, who took him in and trained him in the ways of the both the Assassin's and Templar's. He lived with his cousin till he turned eighteen before returning to France and reclaiming his family estate in Versailles. 

The DandyEdit

Unlike most Venables, Louis had an extreme dislike for poverty and a keen dislike of those lower than him in society. He was known for his lavish life style and parties. He served with the French Army for some years, losing an eye during battle, after this he left the army and became a diplomat, known in social circles as a dandy, though no one ever called him to his face. He always wore heavy make up and elegant clothes, and entertained only the finest of society.

He works for Sir Richard Venables in managing his French Estate and Sir Richard's flourishing wine vineyards that provide wins to the Kings of France and Britain, as well as many noble families in Britain and France. Whilst also being a Templar Agent in the Royal Court of France.

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