Major Ellison J. Pitcairn
Ellison Pitcairn Portrait


His Majesty's Royal Marines, Great Britain


Lieutenant (formerly), Captain (formerly), Major (current)


28 Dec. 1722; Dysart, Fife, Scotland, UK

Youth Edit

Ellison Pitcairn was born and raised in the blossoming port town of Dysart, within Fife, Scotland. His birth was conceived by David Pitcairn and Katherine Hamilton.

Enlistment and Adulthood Edit

In 1746, Ellison received a commission to serve as Lieutenant, which he honorably accepted. However, as war broke out with the French and their Indian allies, he was promoted to Captain and served in the Canadian front of the war. It was during these crucial years that he began courtship with Elizabeth Dalrymple. Together, they birthed 4 sons and 4 daughters. In 1768, he was promoted to the rank of Major and assigned to the Chatham Division of the Marines in Canada.

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Family Edit

  • Elizabeth Dalrymple ~ Wife
  • Robert ~ Son (MIA circa 1767, presumed dead)
  • David ~ Son
  • William ~ Son
  • Tiber ~ Son
  • Catherine ~ Daughter
  • Sarah ~ Daughter
  • Bellamie ~ Daughter
  • Kelly ~ Daughter
  • David Pitcairn ~ Father
  • Katherine Hamilton (Pitcairn) ~ Mother

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