The Honourable
Marcus Livingston

MP for Enfield
Assumed office 
11 March 1750
Monarch George II of Great Britain
Prime Minister The Duke of Newcastle

Governor of the British Windward Islands
Prime Minister The Duke of Newcastle

Born 20 March 1720
London, Britain
Religion Church of England
Signature 1512112661235008130517
Military service
Allegiance Great Britain
Service/branch Royal Marines
Years of service 1750 - present
Rank Commander

Marcus 'Charles' Livingston, MP, is currently a member of British Parliament and military. He has gained the rank of Commander in the Royal Marines and the position as governor of the British Wayward Islands.

Early LifeEdit

Marcus Livingston was born on the 20th of March, 1720 in London, Britain. His parents were very poor at the time of his birth. It was very rough growing up for Marcus, but he managed to get through it even though the conditions were very bad. His parents expected him to join the military when he got to the right age. He had no choice but to join the military. After putting his name down to join, Marcus was recruited as a cadet.

A few months after his recruitment the officers saw great military skills in Marcus and that earned him the respect of the higher ranking men. He quickly raised through the ranks in the military, from cadet to sergeant in a matter of a few years. In 1738, Marcus was assigned the rank of sergeant after being noticed by a general. Marcus was not so sure about this because he knew that he would have to fight against the Spanish forces which were powerful at that time. He accepted this promotion and was quickly departed to the Caribbean.

Paradoxian WarEdit

In the year 1736, Marcus arrived in the Caribbean. At that time he had already been trained very well in combat as well as military tactics which gave him the upper hand, unlike other recruits that were sent to the Caribbean. As Marcus spent most of his time training, he did not have much time for a relationship which left him feeling very lonely. He did not have any communication with his parents for many years.

In 1739 the Spanish were immensely growing in size. Due to this, Marcus trained men in both land and nautical combat. Throughout the war, Marcus Livingston continued to train troops for future battles against the Spanish. In 1740, Marcus was ordered to cannon the ship of a general against the Spanish forces. The Spanish sloop was quickly sunk before it successfully reached Kingshead. The Spanish had plans to take over Kingshead and drive the EITC out of the Caribbean, but their mission was a failure. After that battle, Marcus continued to train troops for future battles. In 1745 great news was received, the Spanish had been defeated. A large cry of joy came from the barracks. This was a large achievement for Britain and the EITC forces.

Life after the Paradoxian WarEdit

After the Paradoxian War had ended, Marcus Livingston took up a place in the House of Commons, having his say in parliament events. In the year 1750, Marcus was recognized by the Prime Minister, Johnny Goldtimbers for his dedication to the Empire and the EITC. Marcus was granted with the position as Governor of the British Windward Islands. Apart from his parliament affiliation, Marcus was left to train and keep the men in order.


The Royal MarinesEdit

In 1750, Marcus Livingston was recruited by Major Jack Stormrage into the Royal Marines and was given the rank of Commander for his knowledge in war tactics and combat skills. As a Commander, Marcus would go on to recruit and train new members of the Royal Marines to protect and serve under the crown. Due to this promotion, Marcus became well known across the military and word spread about his dedication and skills.

Present DayEdit

Today (1750), Marcus Livingston is having his say in parliament and voting alongside many well-known men. Marcus is also training the men of the Royal Marines for future battles.

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