Margeant Venables
Sofia Sartor-1-


London England


Ishmael "The Viper" Venables (Father)

Caterina Venables (Mother)






Jack Bowdain (Boyfriend)

Early lifeEdit

Margeant Venables was born on May 1, 1741 to a most famous leader Ishmael “Killer Angel" Venables and her mother Caternia Venables. At the age of 3 she usually hang out with her mother in London with Caternia's friends in town. Soon by the age of 5 she had a youngest brother born on 1743 and his name was Ishamel Venables Jr.. Then she begin to work with her Mother at the Bar call Venables's Tavern, but one day at the bar, Margeant started to clean some things up at the bar, a stranger came by and smack her!, margeant turn around and smack his face with her hand. Til her mother came down and aim the intruder with her pistol and told him to leave.

To Be ContinuedEdit

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