Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford by Arthur Pond

Sir Robert McRoberts

The McRoberts ministry was the first official government of Great Britain, established during the supremacy of Sir Robert McRoberts in 1732. After the King invited McRoberts to form a ministry, he gathered many MP's, and elected them to seperate offices. The ministry was in power for 10 years, until McRoberts was ousted from office, and lost power to his once protege, The Earl of Wilmington. 

The MinistryEdit

Office Name Term

First Lord of the Treasury

Leader of the House of Commons

Sir Robert McRoberts 1732-1742
Chancellor of the Exechequer The Earl of Wilmington 1734-1742
Lord Privy Seal Jeremiah Stormwash 1736-1744

Secretary of State for the Southern Department

The Lord Edgecumbe (Captain Shadow Sail) 1733-1742
Secretary of State for the Northern Department Edward Daggerhawk 1733-1744
First Lord of the Admiralty Matthew Blastshot 1738-1745
Paymaster of the Forces The Earl of Harrington 1739-1742

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