The Countess Portsmouth

Early LifeEdit

Mercedes Adalia Grey-Huntington was born on June 4th, 1731 in the cottage belonging to her mother, Faye Van Landingham. Just hours after Mercedes was born, Miss Van Landingham passed away. Overtaken with grief, and knowing he couldn't care for Mercedes at such a young age, her father, Colonel Jack Stormrage, wrapped the infant, and left her at an orphanage before returning to His Majesty's Marine Corps. In 1739, the orphanage was attacked, then burned down by illegal slave traders. Many children and caretakers at the orphanage were brutally slaughtered in the attack. The survivors were taken into captivity, held for two years; being prepared to be sold on the black market. As they prepared to pack the children to be sold, the Navy raided the slave house. Favoring death over being apprehended by the Navy, traffickers slit their victim's throats, before doing likewise to themselves. While performing a body count, the Navy found Mercedes alive, under the corpse of a grown slave that had guarded her until death. The Grey family, hearing of the massacre, raid, and rescue, selflessly adopted Mercedes as soon as she was fit to leave the Royal London Hospital. 

Family Edit

Mercedes has a healthy relationship with all of her adoptive family members, aswell as her biological father. She is particularly close with her brother, Joseph, and sister Aura. Having not felt much love and affection in her past, she holds a respect and admiration for her family like no other, constantly striving to make them proud.

In 1748, she married Nathaniel Huntington. They continue to have a stable, healthy marriage and are expecting a child sometime in March, 1751. 

Current DayEdit

After being re-united with her father, Mercedes spends her time alongside Colonel Jack Stormrage, serving as his personal assistant in his work leading His Majesty's Royal Marine Corps. Though she enjoys her job very much, she desires more than anything to have more time with Nathaniel, and to make a better life for their child than what she had.

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