Fuego Militia

The Official Seal of Militia of Fuego

Militia of Fuego is currently led by Elizabeth Sunrage and has 35 members. The Guild is presumed to be inactive.

Quotes and War CriesEdit


"I want to see your enemies bloodstains on your cutlass's and thats an order!" "CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(while negotiating for war rights) "Ok ok! We will help you win the war, now who are we fighting again?" "If you need me I'll be winning now be a good boy and lemme shoot ya" Template:Server

File:Viva La Vida - Coldplay


Need a few extra men to fight for you cause? Need a few sailors for Spain or France? Well then just contact us on the server monada. We are there 24/7 and will fight FOR YOUR CAUSE no matter who you are, free of charge

War Commands Edit

"CHEER!" Cheering is code for a special flee/killing attack used by elite members "Swords!" Draw Swords "GUNS" Draw Batonets "Double 'Em" Shoot for injury "KO!" Shoot for death "RRRRIP!" Imjruy Heavily (sword) "KILL AT ALL COSTS!" Kill, NOW! "Pull Back!" Retreat

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Guild NewsEdit

- {{PageBanner

- |info-c = Blue

- |info-fc = red


- |info = In the Grand Army aganist Captain Leon}}

- ATTENTION GUILD! ATTENTION GUILD! Nicholas Flamberge has returned, that is all. Also come online for a secret guild message.

We have joined the United Freeedom Confederacy with Edgar Wildrat in a council seat.

Requirements for JoiningEdit

  • You own a pair of pants (seriously)


Army RanksEdit

  • Recruit
  • Private
  • Private First Class
  • Cadet
  • Sergeant
  • Veteran
  • Officer
  • Lieutanent: Thomas Daggerhawk
  • Colonel: Jay Sunhawk
  • Commodore: Jarod
  • General: James Ironroberts
  • Commander: The Legendary Jumper
  • Head of Branch: Edgar Wildrat


Wildwoods: Wildwoods is a wilderness out post that promotes study of Nature and wildlife, as well as curses and magic and charms and potions. It is the center of the milita's magic areas. Jay Brightsun controls the study and oversee's the training magic groups.


Monada is the militia capitol. The server is under there control

El Suduron BootcampEdit

El Suduron Bootcamp is the location where Recruits are trained. The main training base is Kingshead (retreated from Kingshead) recruits get ready in El Suduron

Rat's NestEdit

As of April First 2011 Rat's Nest has been conqured by Militia of Fuego. All residence has either been killed or arrested, this is the location where the guild has occasional meetings.

Warden Boss of Rat's Nest: James IronrobertsEdit


Operation Island: Completed- Padres Del Fuego has been taken. Operation Wild Run: ~ In Progress ~ Operation Scewer: CLASSIFIED!!!

Operation KINGSHEAD: Success, took over Kings Monada retreated

Some awesome guild pics:



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