"My cutlass, It will be the last thing you will ever see."

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Ned Whalebreaker was a notable character who played several crucial roles In the Brigades and Laws past, from when Lawrence was in the East India Trading Company in The Great War of the Brigade and the EITC.


This part was taken from the players wiki.

Ned joined the East India Trading Company at age twenty one. He was in Lord William Darkvane's army. His only friend in that army was Captain Leon. Leon showed Ned around when he first joined. Ned was happy to join because his father always wanted him to be in the EITC. His first EITC guild was called the Black Sharks. Ned stayed in the EITC for three years and was discharged at age twenty four. He was discharged by Lord William Darkvane because he was accused of murdering a guard. Ned had to go to jail and was ALMOST hanged by Roger Decksteel and Lord Lawrence Dagger. Luckily William Brawlmartin saved Ned at the last second.

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