The penal colony of New South Wales was founded in 1748, by the British Royal Navy and is currently governed by Governor Henry Grey. It's first major settlement was named Port Joseph and founded on the east coast of the continent. It was considered an isolated and desolate spot, perfect for the punishment of the worst criminals. It soon went from a small settlement, to quite a large one with many people 

It currently has a population of around five thousand people, including convicts, soldiers and sailors, as well as a handful of civilians. These people live in three settlements, Port Joseph, which is the main and only port for the colony and is where the administration and government reside. Livingston Garden which is the main agricultural area of the colony producing large quantities of the colony's food and wool supplies and of course, there is the remote northern settlement of Jamestown, which is the secure penal prison for the most severe and dangerous of criminals.

Administration and GovernmentEdit

  • Governor in Chief ~ Captain Henry Grey
  • Lieutenant Governor of Jamestown ~ unassigned
  • Judge Advocate ~ Rayne Warhawk
  • Governor in Chief's Aide ~ Lieutenant James Roland


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