The Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland has several official residences that are allocated to members of the Royal Family, government officials, or visiting diplomats. Some are royal palaces, owned by the Crown and held in trust by the Monarch, while others are owned and operated by the government, for official state use. 

Royal Crown ResidencesEdit


  • St. James' Palace - The official Residence of the Sovereign, although the King no longer resides in it. 
  • Buckingham Palace - The official London residence of HM The King. In use during the Parliament State Openings.
  • Clarence House - The official residence of the Prince of Wales, however he lives in Hanover, and has not been to London since 1742.

Greater UKEdit

  • Windsor Castle - the summer estate of the King
  • Kensington Palace - The unofficial, but primary, residence of the King.

Government ResidencesEdit


  • Palace of Westminister - The location of both houses of Parliament and arguably the center of the British government. The Prime Minister's Office and other government departments are also located here.
  • 9 Downing Street - The official residence of the Secretary at War, and the war office. 
  • 10 Downing Street - The official residence of the Prime Minister, and an important hub for the government. 
  • 11 Downing Street - The official residence of the Southern Secretary and the Foreign Office.
  • 12 Downing Street - The official guest residence for diplomats in London.
  • 13 Downing Street - The official residence of the Lord Chancellor. 
  • 14 Downing Street - the Official residence of the Northern Secretary and the Interior Office. 

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