The latest story from Venables & Wellington Entertainment!Edit

With the re-founding of Venables & Wellington Entertainment Incorporated, we are proud to bring you the first in a new Venables series, focusing on the legendary tales of bravery and courage of the Remnant's of the Order's brave troops of the Imperial Military, and the heroic deeds of legendary characters such as Commissar-General Viktor Venables, Commissar Marcus Ironskull, Moff Genevie'adelai, Wüllf, Lord Aqueron Ocata, Lord Masqueradeus, and the brave soldiers of the Order's 1st Imperial Regiment.

Only in DeathEdit

The story of the founding of the 1st Imperial Regiment, and The Great Upheavel that shook the Sith Empire to it's very bones. Marshal Viktor Venables is a Commissar of the Grand Imperial Military, both hated and loved by his men, he must lead them against the ruinious forces of the evil (Insert) and bring them to safety on the barren world of Tatooine. 


Chapter I: The Emperor ProvidesEdit

Chapter II: Pain is TemporaryEdit

Chapter III: Honour is ForeverEdit

Chapter IV: The Great UpheavelEdit

Chapter V: The HeresyEdit

Chapter VI: The FoundingEdit

Chapter VII: The Guns of TatooineEdit


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