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Outcast Isle is an island in the southwest of the Caribbean. It is the home of Devil Root, the Twisted Stump boss.


There aren't really any points of interests on Outcast Isle, considering the island is invested with Stumps. The only point of interest would most likely be on the main island of Outcast Isle where you can find Devil Root.

Other ActivitiesEdit

Eye Spy- Outcast Isle is home to the infamous prison dog. You will find it on one of the islands on Outcast that you can't actually get on. Good Luck trying to find the dog.


If you want to level up then Outcast Isle is the place for you, well if your over level 30. Any weapons work, but if your just starting to level up, I wouldn't recommend using grenades since they can attract more than one Stump that will want to attack you.

Most Popular on...Edit

These servers show the greatest amount of players on Outcast Isle:

These People Love Outcast Isle..Edit

-Jack Redsilver is known to use this island for leveling up. He is currently wanted by Britain for treason.


These guilds base their operations out of Outcast Isle:



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