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Raven's Cove is an island shrouded in mystery. The island is riddled with an uneasy and eerie atmosphere, accompanied by Rage Ghosts roaming the streets at nights along with Foulberto Smasho, the toughest boss in the entire Caribbean. Only the toughest and smartest of pirates can possibly survive on this island.


Other ActivitiesEdit


Most Popular On...Edit

These servers show the greatest amount of players on Raven's Cove:

These People LOVE Raven's CoveEdit

Fan CompaniesEdit

These fan companies are based out of Raven's Cove:

  • Ironskull Industries Raven's Cove Branch


These guilds base their operations out of Raven's Cove:

  • Night's Watch


Raven Map


This is the soundtrack for Raven's Cove

~Day Version
Music ravens cove day

~Night Version
Music ravens cove night


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