Battle of Koniz

Siege of Kiev
Siege of Kiev

The Swiss Civil War


June 17th


Kiev, Ukraine


Sardinia Empire

Sarunu Empire


Ishmael I

  • King Alexandre II
  • King Clemente
  • Captain Henry Grey
  • Overlord Kwagar Ocata

Sebastin Spark

  • Ronald Cobens

530 Sardinia Infantry

*120 Cavarly forces 

Spanish Empire

  • 1,200 Infantry


  • Unknown

Sebastin Spark

  • Large forces of Sarunu
The Siege of Kiev was the final battle of the Swiss Coup of 1768. Kiev was in the Ukraine , the stronghold of The Sarunu Organization, was taken by forces loyal to Ishmael Decksteel in an assault after a siege. This entire siege was plan by King Ishmael I Decksteel



King Ishmael I was joined by his alliance group led by King Alexandre II and King Clemente.At Sardinia camp, Ishamel explained his entire plan to his allies and his allies agreed to his plan. Ishamel was quite shock when the Spaniards came with thousands of Infantry and cavalry including the Loyalist under King Alexandre II. Including a huge English fleet under command of Henry Grey - Joseph youngest brother.


Before the battle begin, Ishmael was standing on the grounds along with his commanders awaiting for the flare from the English fleet. Ishmael pull his sword out and said "For Genevieve". He led his men toward to the front gate while the Spaniards led from the wast and the Loyalist from the west and the Sardinia troops from north and south. The Rebels were quite shock about the strength, the rebels commander were ordered to hold the line at cost. But their lime were broken by Ishmael and the leaders. King Alexandre II brought in the engineers to fire the special weapons onto the enemies until they were fall back to the castle under Sebastin Spark. Sotnik Ivan surrender to the Loyalist and he was sent to prison that day. Together King Alexandre II, Ishmael I, and Clemente march in the castle with the others. Henry Grey and the others were not far behind him and Ryan as well. Henry Grey was rewarded for his bravery by King Ishmael I and awarded him a Knighthood. Alexandre II begin to duel his enemy Sebastian Spark, he injure him and Spaek injure him as well. Until after the duel Sebastian kneel in front of Alexandre and the other kings. Until Cobens kill Spark and escape through the window.


After the Battle, The Sardinia Empire restore Kiev back to their territories. King Decksteel has many plans to rebuilt Kiev once again and he sent out troops to hunt Cobens down!


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