This Cathedral was ordered to be built in Istanbul Rumelia in 1745 by Sultan Muhmad I. This cathedral was dedicated to St. Polycarp, a 2nd century christian bishop and martyr. The project was overseen by Cardinal Ahmed Akbar. With the help of many many thousands of laborers, and devotion to the project, the cathedral was completed in 1765. Priests from all over the empire came to this cathedral to begin preaching at it. The cathedral can hold an excess of 70,000 people. It is the worlds largest cathedral by far ever constructed. This and a series of other cathedrals were constructed all over the empire to show that the empire tolerates christianity. This was also done to quell talk of rebllion from the millions of christians within the empire. 


These are pictures of all the main staff of priests within the cathedral, besides Cardinal Akbar who only is at the cathedral a few times a year.

Medieval Priest, Friar, or Monk (4)

Father Augustus of Greece

Medieval Priest, Friar, or Monk (1)

Father Abdullah of Turkey

Medieval priest sdj by vonstreff-d5bv3aq

Father Vlad of Romania

Medieval Priest, Friar, or Monk (3)

Father Adem of Serbia

Mega cathedral by dashinvaine

The Church

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