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Battle of Levica
Battle Levica


October 9th, 2011‎


October 9th, 2011‎

Place: Server:

Levica:Isla Perdida, The High Seas, Kingshead, Port Royal.


The Great War of the Brigade And the EITC.


The Brigade was looting on Isla Perdida when all of the sudden they were ambushed by East India Trading Company Commander Ben Scurvyfoote (AKA the man that lawrence wronged when be betrayed the East india trading company) and his men. Almost Immediately a fight broke out.


Law's Brigade:

East India Trading Company:

The Paradox:


Law's Brigade:

  • Boyy ~ Non fatally stabbed and shot by Ishmael

East India Trading Company:

  • Ben Scurvyfoote ~ Stabbed by lawrence, did not survive.
  • Various EITC Soldiers

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