What is the Congress of Rome? Well to put it simply in OOC (out of character) terms, its us partitioning the remainder of the Ottoman Empire before WWI. Already dying in RP so may as well get it over with and besides its not like Russia is a threat.

In Character: To all applicable nations leaderships: I, King Alber Spark of Switzerland—Bavaria, invite you to the Congress of Rome which shall be hosted at some point during the Glorious Night with my coronatiin and the wedding of Sir Sven Daggersteel and Empress Hannah Bluefeather. The focus of this Congress is to partition the lands of the crumbling gun powder Islamic empire andartition them in an orderly, civilized, and rightful manner. Please be sure note who is to represent your nation at this Congress this Friday night.

Invited NationsEdit

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland
  • Representative(s):
  • The Hapsburg Monarchy
  • Representative(s): Empress Hannah Bluefeather I
  • The Papal States/The Church
  • Representative(s)
  • Kingdom of Switzerland—Bavaria
  • Representative: King Alber I
  • Kingdom of Sardinia
  • Representative(s): King Ishmael I

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