The Dorian, a 75-gun third rate ship of the line built in 1715 in Cardiff, is the main flagship of the Palladin Legion. Commanded by Master Admiral Sir Mathieu Venables, she has won many battles over the years. Her sister ship, the HMS Retribution, is captained by Mathieu's brother, SIr Richard Venables. Together, the two ships lead the naval force of the Palladin Order around the globe. In recent weeks, she was been positioned for an expedition with the HMS Retribution back to the western hemisphere, where they were to be stationed for an indefinite period. However, with the Maroon War taking a turn for the worse, the Retribution was destroyed in the Cape Colony. The Dorian ushered what crew the Retribution had and advanced into the Black Sea where they laid siege to Kiev in an attempt to quell the rebel leadership for good. The Dorian became the main ship of the attack fleet and commanded over the HMS Defiance, Admiral Richard's new ship.

HMS Retributoin

The Dorian sailing to the HMS Retribution for docking

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