The Imperio War


June 23, 1746 - July 13, 1746


The West Indies


Decisive British Victory; The Spanish "Imperio de Espana" is destroyed. Spain no longer operates directly in the Caribbean, instead employing the Italian mercenary guild, Da Vinci's Demons. The British Co. Elites is deserted. This was the final war to take place in the West Indies/POTCO

Territorial Changes

Spain withdrawls from the West Indies


The Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland

The Kingdom of Spain & France

- West Indies Command

- "Imperio de Espana"

Commanders & Leaders

- King George II

- King Phillipe V Clemente

- Governor-General Jonathan Goldtimbers (Also Prime Minister)

- Capitan-Generale Viceroy Carlos Da Vinci Clemente

Secretary at War Nathaniel Joseph Garland

Generale James Bladebones

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