The Invasion of Ireland

Part of the War of French Succession


November 11, 1735 - November 26, 1735


Irish Coast, English Channel, and Mainland Ireland


Decisive British Victory, The Spanish Navy is crippled and King Phillipe merges it with the Army.

Territorial Changes

None (British Supremacy of Ireland resolved)


The Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland

The Kingdom of Spain & France

Irish Militia

Spanish Privateers

Commanders & Leaders

Jonathan Goldtimbers

Carlos La Verde Sanita

Nathaniel Joseph Garland

Geoffrey Hexbones

Charles Salisbury

Davy Darkskull

Nathaniel Huntington

Dog Sharkkid

William Sharkskull

Hector Pillageparr

Blake Stewart

Jack Redsilver

Christopher Roland

Ponce de Leon

Jack Stormrage

George Sailward

Tyler Wellington

Jason Brawlmartin

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