Piracy Act 1717

1717 CHAPTER 11 4 Geo 1Edit

An Act for the further preventing Robbery, Burglary, and other Felonies, and for the more effectual Transportation of Felons, and unlawful Exporters of Wool; and for declaring the Law upon some Points relating to Pirates.


And it is hereby declared, that all and every person and persons who have committed or shall commit any of offence or offences, for which they ought to be adjudged, deemed and taken to be pirates, felons or robbers, by the Piracy Act 1698, may be tried and judged for every such offence in such manner and form as in and by the Offences at Sea Act 1536 is directed and appointed for the trial of pirates, and shall and ought to be utterly debarred and excluded from the benefit of clergy for the said offences;

Any law or statute to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

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