Royal British Marines
Royal Marines Insigia


Major General Jack Stormrage


General Johnathan O' Reilly (Johnny Coaleaston)

Other Commanders:


Primary Guild:

The British Empire

Allied Guilds:




All those who stand against the Crown


The Battle of Foggy Rock (successful), The Battle of Mar de Plata (successful), The Battle of the Fields (successful), The Battle of Bayonne (successful), The Battle of Swann's Heights (successful)

In Service of:

The Royal Navy, The British Empire, His Majesty George the Second.


"By Land, By Sea"


In January of 1750, the Royal Marines were reformed under the recently promoted Major General Jack Stormrage. He immediately began recruiting new men to serve Under him. His first recruits who played key roles in rebuilding the Marines were Commander Marcus Livingston (Marc Warfury) and Maus Von Schwarz. While training themselves for battles yet to come the three men worked day and night in rebuilding the Royal Marine Corps. The first man recruited was Richard Venables who was made a corporal recruited and promoted by Major General Jack Stormrage. The next two recruits came in as privates were Gnarly and Under Dog recruited by Commander Marcus Livingston. The Royal Marines continued to grow, gaining over 15 members in a few weeks. As of the current day, the Royal Marines have been disbanded.

Current RanksEdit


Duties and GoalsEdit

As a new recruit in the Royal British Marines, it is important to know who, and what you are fighting for. The British Marines were organized for one simple reason: the protection of the crown, and to dispatch all those who speak against her. In times of war, the Marines will be called upon to fight Britain's enemies. It is your duty as a soldier to fight with dignity, and never let down your country.

In addition to protecting their great nation and the royal family, the average marine soldier strides to rise through the ranks and gain the notice of their commanders. The main thing commanding officers are looking for in a soldier is not how well they can fight in battles but how much dedication and loyalty they show to the British Empire. With many countries now independent, the Royal Marines must be ready to defend their country and their king.