The War of French Succession


October 13, 1735 - December 6, 1735


The Spanish Coast, the Irish Coast, France, the British Channel, the West Indies


British Victory, Britain pushes the Spanish from Ireland, sending Spain into a period of isolation.

Territorial Changes

Status Quo Ante Bellum


The Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland

The Kingdom of Spain & France

His Majesty's Privateers

Spanish Privateer Core

The Irish Militia

The Papal States

The Empire of Austria

The Kingdom of Portugal

The Kingdom of Switzerland

The "Crazy Aces" Pirate Guild

The Brethren Court

French Militia

Commanders & Leaders

King George II

King Phillipe V Clemente

Empress Maria Theresa

Pope Clement XII

King William II

Queen Grace I

Captain Edward Edgewalker

Captain John Scurvyrage

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