The War of Sardinia 1749


May 4th, 1749

  • Britain, Sardinia
    • Undecided
Territorial Changes
  • Undecided 

Sardinian Empire

Sardinian Red Guard

Sardinian Army

Sardinian Navy

Pagan Cultists

Kingdom of Spain (Spanish Empire)

  • Spanish Military
    • Spanish Royal Navy
    • Spanish Army 

Papal States

  • Papal Army</li>

    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

  • Polish Military</li>
  • Polish Navy </li>
  • Polish Army</li>
  • Commanders
    • Charles Emmanuel II (Ishmael I) 
    • Unknown
    • King Ferdinard VI Clemente
    • Prince Giorgio Clemente
    • King Frederick Augustus III


    His Holiness, The Pope, displeased with the actions of the Sardinian Monarchy and particularly the King, Ishmael I, encouraged the Catholic Empires of Spain and Habsburg to begin a Holy Crusade against the corrupt monarchy of Sardinia. 

    The war was officially declared by the Papal States and Spain before Britain on May 3rd 1749. Britain is currently embargoing Sardinia.


    To remove Ishmael the Pagan from Sardinia-Piedmont and safely return it accordinly to the respectable nations


    To convert Ishamel the Pagan to Catholicism under the Spanish flag.


    • Spain prepares its fleets to move swiftly around the island of Sardinia.
      • Spanish privateers moves its fleets to aid in the blockade
    • Spain prepares its transport ships to transport troops to Sardinia.
    • Spain prepares its landed ground forces in Northern Italy for the march into the Po Valley. Other Spanish troops keep guard on the Western side of Savoy.

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