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This document is an official declaration that the the Kingdom of Great Britain shall relinquish all claim to Dutch Sint Maarten regardless of proper evidence presented supporting British occupation of the Dutch half of the island in the year 1755. The British will also amend the treaty from 1743 and allow Dutch trade rights in the East Indies, as well as allow the Dutch to trade in other British East India Trading Company lands outside of India. In return, the Dutch will relinquish all claim over the Guianas, British Saint Martin, Ceylon, Singapore, Malacca, (Mainland Southeast Asia aka The Singaporean Continent - From treaty in 1743) as well as South Africa, and India.

The main participants in the treaty were and Lord Newcastle, the Prime Minister of Great Britain and; Leonhard Bosch , the Stadtholder of the Netherlands


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Johannes Willem van Garlande, Foreign Minister of the Netherlands

Stadtholder Leonhard II (talk)

Stadtholder Leonhard Bosch II, Chief Magistrate of the Netherlands