Parties in the TreatyEdit

  • The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway Denmarkflag (Emperor Kwagar I (Frederick V))
  • The Kingdom of Gotland SvenskFlag (King Bjorn I (Adolf Frederick))


This document is an official declaration to affirm that the Kingdom of Sweden (The Swedish Empire) will be formally ceded to one, Bjorn Scarlet Eagle, current ruler of the Kingdom of Gotland. As a result of the treaty, the territory of the former Swedish Empire prior to Danish annexation (Sweden-Finland) including its overseas territories have been formally ceded to the Bjorn Scarlet Eagle, of the Swedish Empire. The current Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, and Emperor Kwagar I formally give up all claims of the Kingdom of Sweden (The Swedish Empire) and give my support to Bjorn Scarlet Eagle.

The main participants in the treaty were Emperor Kwagar I, the King of Denmark-Norway; and King Bjorn I, of Gotland.



Emperor Kwagar Ocata (GIO)